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EO is a beautifully experimental film about humanity seen through the eyes of a sweet little donkey that has been loving audiences around the world since its premiere at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

One of the most used tropes in children’s movies is animal protagonists, especially talking ones because it provides a fascinating fantasy that children daydream about. However, some films perfectly know how to use the animal image as a reflection of the human spirit, with a political and psychological appeal made only for adults.

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The Kangaroo Chronicles (2020)

A kangaroo and a man fist bump in the Kangaroo Chronicles

Although the concept of a kangaroo talking to a down-to-earth Berliner seems quite appealing to a child, the film pokes fun at acid humor and how modern life has been shaken by history. Kangaroo himself is an open communist and fought on the side of the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War.

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Kangaroo history‘ The silliness is what makes the film’s humor so unique as the story quickly becomes comfortable with its absurdity and the characters are forced to adapt to the kangaroo’s high-spirited energy.

White Dog (1982)

A close-up of Tony Brubaker face-to-face with a caged white dog in Samuel Fuller's film White Dog

white dog Uses man’s best friend and the relationship between people as the basis for an effective story about structural racism. In the film, a successful trainer takes on the challenge of retraining a violent dog that has been taught to attack black people his entire life.

A dog’s innocent eyes can fool anyone, but the change in his behavior when he sees a person of color is terrifying. white dog an attempt to dissect the true nature of evil and how it needs to be rooted out; A brutal and painful portrayal of a society controlled by evil people and hated for decades.

Rabbit (2002)

Rabbit by David Lynch

Arguably David Lynch’s strangest film, the rabbit It doesn’t even have a plot or a synopsis, it basically follows the daily routine of a family of humanoid rabbits in a sitcom scenario, babbling non-stop nonsense as they are unceremoniously interrupted by a nefarious entity once in a while.

truth be told, the rabbit Not really for anyone, but this movie is nightmare fuel for any kid who could easily come across it. acting as a complement to Lynch’s Inland EmpireThe chilling atmosphere of the film showcases the director’s talent for scaring the audience with literally anything.

Animal Farm (1954)

Still from A Animal Farm

Based on George Orwell’s iconic novel of the same name, animal farm It’s easy to see at first as a story about sweet-talking animals, until you start diving deeper into politics and how totalitarianism destroys the perfect system. In the film, a successful farming revolution is threatened by a group of corrupt animals who seek to take over the farm for their own personal gain.

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The entire story is based on the Russian Revolution of 1917 and each of the main characters represent real-life personalities and political movements. Orwell’s logic becomes clear when the audience realizes that Napoleon, the pig, is actually Stalin, and that the old Major represents Karl Marx, for example.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

Caesar in Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Although it is a mesmerizing prequel, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is just one of many Planet of the Apes Movies and animals may not be the most centered around, but it does a great job of capturing what ignited the ape rebellion through the eyes of Caesar, an ape subjected to an experiment aimed at finding a cure. Alzheimer’s and finally give him a valuable increase in intelligence.

Although the film works as a sci-fi thriller, only the older audience will enjoy the highly psychological aspects of the film. Caesar might be the most interesting animal hero out there and goes through a hell of an arc. Thanks to the unforgettable scene in which Caesar says “no”, it has an easy place in cinema history.

The White God (2014)

A big dog chase in the white god.

white god Tells the story of Hagen, a sweet dog who befriends thirteen-year-old Lily. When a new tax is imposed on mixed breeds, Lily’s father throws Hagen out onto the street, where the dog will be forced to live a life of violence in order to survive.

white god A brutal story that allegorically exposes how minorities are oppressed by a society that rejects change, forcing them to grow up in a vicious environment and fight against themselves. As the film progresses, Hagen evolves from an innocent companion dog into a killing machine, taking the social commentary to heartbreaking extremes that aren’t easy to watch.

Jaws (1975)

Martin Brodie in Jaws

Badgaro An iconic movie created by nature features a monster when a quiet beach on Amity Island is terrorized by a bloodthirsty great white shark, forcing experts and townspeople to use their own animal instincts to capture the beast once and for all.

maybe Badgaro‘ trump card is exactly how rarely viewers actually get to see sharks in action. The eerie atmosphere of impending danger added to the brilliant soundtrack helps to mystify the animal’s menace and establish effective horror scenes that still traumatize children to this day.

Cujo (1983)

Cujo Cujo is watching and waiting in 1983

The most intense movie about killer dogs, Kujo A claustrophobic horror story about a mother and her baby trapped inside a car after a large St. Bernard contracts rabies.

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Kujo Turning literally anything into nightmare fuel, Man’s Best Friend also showcases Stephen King’s genius once again. The film also does a great job of using confined spaces as a tool to heighten the tension level; The characters may lose track of the dog’s whereabouts and think they are safe, but when they try to escape, the dog quickly catches up to them. These dynamics keep the suspense from start to finish.

EO (2022)

Donkey in EO (2022)

EO It has wowed audiences at international festivals throughout the year, winning the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, and is now finally out in the US. The movie follows EO as he journeys through modern Europe as a donkey, with good and bad people crossing his path, and the memory of a dear friend spurring him onward.

However EO Offering many experimental techniques that may not be to everyone’s taste, the film’s sensory appeal makes it easy for the audience to connect with the donkey, feeling all the joys and pains he experiences on his journey, which is conducted by a mesmerizing score.

Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)

A man and a donkey in Au Hasard Balthazar

Which is the movie that inspired it EO One of the most painful and intimate depictions of the human condition is seen through the eyes of an animal, in this case, an innocent donkey called Balthazar. Without attempting to humanize poor Balthazar, life unfolds as abused animals wander to witness the beauty of the everyday mundane as well as the bad things it has to offer.

Au Hasard Balthazar The audience is constantly reminded of how consciousness is the death of humanity and Balthazar is somewhat fortunate to be only a casual witness, while those around him are forced to contemplate their suffering without the possibility of escape.

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