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You might not usually think of Dell as your go-to place for gaming PCs, but that’s the case today. There are some Dell Black Friday deals on new generation consoles like the Nintendo Switch OLED, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X that are currently crushing the competition. If you want to get ahead of the Black Friday rush, check out these early bird deals here.

Nintendo Switch OLED + $75 Dell eGift Card

Nintendo Switch OLED (White)

Bonus $75 Dell eGift Card

Nintendo Switch OLED (White)

Dell currently has the only Nintendo Switch OLED deal we’ve seen for Black Friday. Buy a Nintendo Switch OLED console and you can get a bonus $75 Dell promotional gift card. You will receive the gift card by email when the console is shipped. The gift card expires in 90 days and can be used on almost anything on, including video games, consoles, controllers, computers, monitors and more. If you already have a promotional gift card from a previous deal with Dell, you can use it for this purchase.

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Xbox Series S Holiday Console for $234.99

Xbox Series S

The new “Holiday” moniker on this Xbox Series S console might lead you to believe that there are some freebies here that you wouldn’t find with the standard Xbox Series S packaging… but you’d be wrong. That said, you’ll find this Xbox Series S console for $249.99 everywhere, which is still $50 off the MSRP. Dell does a little better by offering its own $15 discount on top, bringing the price down to $234.99.

Update. Target actually has it for cheaper. It’s $249.99, but if you order online and pick it up in store, you can get a $50 Target gift card. It’s good for those of you who have a Target store nearby because you can’t have it delivered.

Xbox Series X with Elite Controller for $639.99

Xbox Series X Console + Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller Bundle

Xbox Series X Console + Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller Bundle

Currently, no one has an Xbox Series X console under contract, and in fact, many retailers are still out of stock. Dell has it with the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller for $639.99. That’s a savings of about $20. It’s not the biggest discount in the world, but if you were going to buy an Elite Series 2 controller anyway, you might as well take the deal. If you were to build your own “bundle,” there’s a recently released Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller that has a lower retail price than the original Elite controller, but doesn’t come with customizable thumbsticks, paddles, and D-pads ($50 extra).

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