Bollywood movies today need to be unashamedly camp again | Jobi Cool

I watched it last night Mala Morska Villa (1976), Czech version of The Little Mermaid. Not because I’m a cinephile (I only know the filmography of Govinda and Shahrukh Khan), but because I saw a tweet about the gorgeous ~aesthetics~ of this film (and partly because I’m unemployed. ) The OP was absolutely right – the movie was lovely. Actresses playing mermaids did not have fishtails, nor did they wear shell-shaped bikinis. The budget for the entire film was less than the money spent on coloring Ariel’s hair in the upcoming adaptation. The Little Mermaid. Most importantly, the source material was closer to what Hans Christian Andersen envisioned, not the sanitized version Disney wanted us to see.

The most striking thing about it was undoubtedly the fashion. The color, the dress, the hair – oh my god, the hair was fantastic. This movie probably invented the ‘seapunk aesthetic’ Tumblr was obsessed with a decade ago. After that, I looked Take revenge (2022). Starring Maya Haq and Camila Mendes, the film was basically an answer to the question: “What if we took Strangers on the train (1951) but give its beauty Goof girl (2007-2012) and dialogues meaning Girls (2004)?” I didn’t know I needed this movie so badly until I saw it. It was unremarkable but glorious, and it really reminded me of the “extravagance” of the Bollywood movies I grew up watching and loving. Take it seriously. In search, many Hindi films seem to be losing the edge that made them stand out.

It took me back to when we did films like Rakesh Roshan’s 80s classic Bloody demand (1988). Rekha’s look, her makeover, her passion for revenge, that feisty crocodile… this movie really It was all. Then there was also his ‘Rebirth in the Cocaine Saga’ Karan Arjuna (1995), a movie where Rakhi’s character is such a drama queen – and rightly so, if I might add – that I can’t believe her tormentors didn’t just burst into flames after watching them. with Kaho Na… Pyaar Hai (2000), Rakesh played the best part Bloody demand and Karan Arjun, Gifting us a gloriously campy revenge drama with shocking deaths inside bodies of water, lookalikes, a big dance number at the climax and some serious fashion goals.

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