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Actress and model Jodie Turner-Smith She has seen a rapid rise to fame since appearing in the HBO series Supernatural true blood As a siren. Since her debut, she has appeared in many films and series in challenging genres, slowly coming forward as she proves her mettle in every new role. Turner-Smith seems to offer what the new generation of Hollywood stars need, garnering the same acclaim for her personal style (via Vogue) as she does for her acting.

However, the best is yet to come for the British actress, as she is now set to appear in at least two movies and two series, including an upcoming one. Star Wars series Acolyte. While we await these exciting new productions, here are the best Jodie Turner-Smith movies to date.


6/6 a lemon

Magnolia Pictures

Movie of 2017 a lemon Marks Jodie Turner-Smith’s second film appearance. Brett Gelman stars as hopelessly awkward acting teacher Isaac Lachman in this comedy-drama film, as he navigates a life filled with failure, mediocrity, and strange interactions. Turner-Smith appears in a brief role as one of Isaac’s dated cousins. a lemon Uses an engaging cinematic approach filled with active participation of a vibrant background score and lots of filler scenes that add more life to the film. Turner-Smith can be seen in one such scene during a barbecue afternoon, with Isaac’s date and others engaged in family banter.

5/6 The Neon Monster

The Neon Demon trailer takes Keanu Reeves and Elle Fanning on a wicked journey

The Neon Monster It received a very polarizing response from critics when it was released in 2016. Elle Fanning starred as a young aspiring model in the psychological horror film. The film was directed by accomplished filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn, and featured a lot of psychedelic and disturbing imagery. Speaking to VICE, the film’s composer Cliff Martinez described the first half of the film as “like a melodrama.” valley of butterflies,“And the second half to be the same The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The film marked Turner-Smith’s first feature film appearance, appearing briefly on screen as the assistant to Christina Hendricks’ character, Roberta Hoffman.

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4/6 white noise

Noah Baumbach's film White Noise with Adam Driver

white noise It is a film by critically acclaimed director Noah Baumbach, adapted from the novel by Don DeLillo. The source material, and the film follows the black comedy genre and satirizes modern life in various ways. The 2022 film stars Adam Driver as Jack Gladney, a professor of Hitler studies, and follows the lives of him and his family after a chemical waste accident leaves a cloud of potentially deadly smoke in their town. Turner-Smith appears in the film as Winnie Richards, a scientist who works at the same university as Gladney.

3/6 After Yang

The woman looks at the man, who looks depressed.

After Yang is a thought-provoking sci-fi drama from A24, the indie film studio known for its groundbreaking productions. The film tells the story of a family that lives with an adopted android “son,” Yang, who begins to misbehave. In an attempt to fix their robotic child, the couple confronts some deeply moving questions about loss, human connection, and the meaning of being human. After Yang Colin Farrell as husband Jake, Justin H. as Min Yang, and Turner-Smith stars as wife Kyra. Turner-Smith fits perfectly with the film’s otherworldly setting, which is simultaneously mundane and charged with a tense atmosphere. His performance carries the film’s subtly off-putting tone with perfection.

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2/6 without regret

without regret
Paramount Pictures

Turner-Smith previously played a military role in the 2017 series The last shipbut in without regret, she gets to show off her action chops to the fullest – standing out as Karen Greer. The film was based on Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse novels, and was intended to launch a film series starring Michael B. Jordan as the Ryanverse character, John Kelly. However, the film was badly received by the critics and the audience alike. However, Jordan and Turner-Smith’s performances were universally acclaimed. Despite being pregnant for the film, Turner-Smith managed to deliver an impressive performance for the film.

1/6 Queen and Slim

Queen and Slim
Global Pictures

Queen and Slim Easily the most important feature film in Turner-Smith’s filmography. The 2019 film stars Turner-Smith opposite Daniel Kaluuya as the title characters, Queen and Slim. They start out as just two acquaintances who meet for a date, but their lives take an irreversible turn when Slim kills a police officer in self-defense during an unjustified police stop. On the run from the law, they find support in people who see them as heroes, and fall in love with each other. Directed by Melina Matsoukas, the film was full of striking visuals and poignant moments. Queen and Slim Received critical acclaim for its portrayal of racism and police brutality.

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