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Most phones are bigger than ever these days, but you still can’t beat the flexibility and power of one of the best Android tablets. With Black Friday just around the corner, it’s the best time of year to pick up a new tablet—or to upgrade your current one. Whether you’re after an inexpensive tablet made for streaming movies around the house or a full-fledged laptop instead, there’s bound to be a deal on the perfect device for you.


The best Black Friday Android tablet deals you can buy right now

Tab S8 Ultra book cover (1)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

If you want the best Android tablet money can buy, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is it. It comes with a huge 14.6-inch screen, an extremely powerful processor and all kinds of accessories to enhance the experience. You just can’t beat what Samsung is offering here for up to $200 off the regular price and up to $500 off trade-ins.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

If you’re looking for the ultimate content consumption and productivity tool, you’ve found it. Although the Galaxy Tab S7 FE isn’t Samsung’s latest 12-inch tablet, it’s still a solid option for those who don’t want to pay for the latest and greatest. At $550, it’s a great combination of great specs, a big screen, and even an S Pen bundle in the box.

The best Black Friday deals for the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Tab S8 Ultra book cover (1)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung is one of the first major manufacturers to introduce a true laptop replacement tablet in the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Its 14.6-inch screen makes it as impressive as any ultrabook on the market. While its expanding screen isn’t for everyone, if you’ve been dreaming of a bigger screen for your Android experience, Samsung’s Tab S8 Ultra is worth every penny — especially when it’s up to $200 off at Samsung with a $500 extra trade-in.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is a hunter’s dream. While it won’t give users the same premium experience as the Tab S8+, it’s hard to argue with the value here. Whether you’re looking to take notes in a meeting or stream Netflix late into the night, this is the paper for you. The 128GB model is $50 off at both Samsung and Best Buy, and Samsung is matching the deal with a $200 trade-in guarantee on any Galaxy device.

When it comes to Android tablets, you really can’t beat Samsung. Like their phone line, Samsung has a tablet at almost every price point. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is one of the largest tablets you can buy today, with an expansive 14.6-inch screen that makes it ideal for productivity and media use. It’s as expensive as it is massive, though we expect it to drop even further in price in the run-up to Black Friday.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is a better experience for the average consumer. It’s $50 off right now, but given how fierce the competition has become in the mid-range tablet space, don’t be surprised if it drops further. The Tab S7 FE isn’t Samsung’s latest 12-inch tablet — that honor goes to the Tab S8+ — but for most users, it’s more than powerful enough. Only the 128GB variant is on sale right now, but considering it packs 6GB of RAM over 4GB, it’s worth the upgrade.

samsung galaxy tab s7 fe in hand

Although neither is currently on sale, we’ve recently seen deals on Samsung’s latest additions to the Galaxy Tab A series. Like the phone line of the same name, the Tab A tablets are a low-cost alternative to devices like Amazon’s Fire line. Unlike these tablets, you don’t need to download the Play Store to have full access to your favorite apps. Not only does it save frustration down the road, but it also makes for safer gifts for the less tech-savvy buyer.

We’ve seen the Galaxy Tab A8 and the smaller Galaxy Tab A7 Lite go on sale recently, though both are now listed at full price. If you can pull off buying either of these tablets in the run-up to Black Friday, we highly recommend it – both should be on sale on the big day.

Amazon Fire’s best Black Friday deals

It’s tradition for Amazon’s entire Fire lineup to go on sale in time for the holidays. Whether you’re looking at the affordable Fire 7, a high-end experience in the Fire HD 8, or a big screen perfect for media consumption in the Fire HD 10, Amazon has something for everyone at an affordable price, but they haven’t quite figured it out yet. year.


Even at the undiscounted price, the most expensive board in the Fire line starts at just $150. Don’t be surprised to see the first Fire HD 10 up to $100, and the entry-level Fire 7 could drop as low as $35. Amazon has finally updated these devices with USB-C and newer versions of Android, making them great options for the whole family. Just keep in mind that Fire OS doesn’t include the Play Store. While the Play Store can be sideloaded on recent Fire tablets, Amazon is always working to prevent users from downloading their favorite Google apps.

The best Black Friday Apple iPad deals

iPad mini (6th Gen)

2021 Apple iPad Mini (6th Generation)

While not as cheap as similarly sized Android tablets, Apple’s smallest tablet is well worth picking up. It’s currently $40 off, but we’ve seen it drop to $400 in the run-up to Black Friday.

Before you accuse us of blasphemy, hear us out. Even with some improvements to the large-screen experience from Android 12L and Android 13, Apple remains the king of tablets. Many Android users still prefer to grab the iPad over its competitors, not to mention the iPhone user in your life. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, we won’t judge.

If you’re after an iPad, the Pro line is your best bet for a bargain. Apple recently updated the 11-inch and 12.9-inch models with new processors, but the M1-powered versions provide plenty of speed. They’re both on sale at most retailers for $100 off, but we could see even lower prices as Black Friday approaches.

ipad-mini-2021 6

While it’s now just $40, we’ve also seen the iPad Mini drop by $100. Apple’s 8-inch tablet is a fun and friendly size, perfect for anyone who finds a larger screen a little overwhelming. We’ve seen this price on and off for months and expect it to return before you kill off those Thanksgiving leftovers.

Apple’s lineup doesn’t end there, though its sales might. The 5th generation iPad Air is a recent enough release that we don’t necessarily expect to see it on sale, although early morning door bombs are a possibility. The 10th generation iPad is a non-starter though – Apple just released it and it represents a price increase for the range. If you can live with older hardware, the 9th generation iPad is still around. It’s normally $329, but prices could drop as low as $250, putting it in competition with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A series.

The best Lenovo tablet Black Friday deals


Lenovo Duet 3

While the original Duet was fine as a budget-oriented Chrome OS tablet, that made it somewhat rough around the edges. The Duet 3 fixes this and all the other flaws of the Duet with a slightly larger screen and a more polished finish. It’s down to $350 at Walmart, but I’m hoping we can see it come back down to $300 or less, like Best Buy had it a few weekends ago.

The keyboard and kickstand are included in the box, but I’ll often ditch the keyboard and just sit on the couch for weekend reading on mine.

Lenovo Duet 5 Chromebook

Lenovo Chromebook Duet 5

Lenovo’s Duet 5 is a great hybrid Chromebook that delivers the portability of a full-size 13.3-inch tablet while offering a fully removable keyboard if you need it. This model with 4GB of RAM is currently discounted at Amazon, but if possible, you should keep an eye out for the 8GB SKU.

Samsung, Amazon and Apple are the current rulers of the tablet space, but if you’re after others, don’t count Lenovo out. The Tab P12 Pro was one of the best ways to experience last year’s Android 12L betas, and while Google has assured us that tablet-specific updates will happen this year, it’s still a great way to stay on the cutting edge of Android.

Lenovo sells the P12 Pro with a bundled keyboard dock and separately, with some storage and RAM differences between the two. Neither is currently on sale, but Best Buy recently dropped its price ahead of Black Friday for a three-day sale, and we expect to see this price drop once again. Be sure to watch this one.


Lenovo also makes some of the best ChromeOS tablets you can buy today. While Google has done a 180-degree turn to focus on Android tablets, hybrid Chromebooks are a great option if you want more flexibility in your device. We’ve seen the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 5 and Duet 3 on sale recently, and we fully expect these prices to drop ahead of Black Friday.

The Duet 5 has a spacious 13.3-inch OLED panel, while the cheaper Duet 3 uses an 11-inch LCD. If you’re in between the two, the Duet 5 is the laptop to get, especially if you can get your hands on the 8GB of RAM category. Even at regular price, both Chromebooks are available for less than $500, and that price tag is only going to drop as more discounts keep piling up.

The best budget tablet deals for Black Friday


Nokia T20

While this tablet may not have the name recognition of more expensive tablets, it’s hard to go wrong with a $180 tablet. With a 10.4-inch 1080p display and excellent battery life, think of this device as a perfect competitor to the Amazon Fire HD 10 – no side-loading required.

It’s hard to shop for Android tablets without spotting plenty of budget options; in fact, we’ve already identified a few on this list. Amazon’s entire range falls into this category, as does the Samsung Galaxy Tab A series and, arguably, Apple’s 9th generation iPad. But if you’re after something a little more unconventional, you should consider checking out the Nokia T20 tablet. While buying a device like this comes with a few downfalls—we wouldn’t expect a consistent or long-term upgrade schedule—at just $180, this tablet offers some killer value. It’s a surprisingly solid board, with a large 10.4-inch display and incredible battery life. Now a year old, it should remain on sale through the holidays.

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