Animatronic crushes creator’s finger during test: ‘Horror movie’ | Jobi Cool

A man shared how his custom-built animatronic injured him this week after some tests went wrong.

Posting on Reddit, a robotics enthusiast who goes by the name VT described how an animatronic “crushed/torn off” his finger during a test.

A custom-built animatronic video game character called Circus Baby who is an antagonist in the video game. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location.

FNAF Custom Animatronic
Photos of the custom-made animatronics as the creator “digs” into VT’s skin as he tests the creation.

VT has been making his own animatronics for about three years and said Newsweek: “This iteration is about 7 months old; it uses a high torque servo [motor] Bending the torso back and forth—this needs to happen so that the lower extremities can be opened up and allow for more movement.”

Animatronic is another name for mechatronic puppet. Automated puppets are often used to portray characters in movies or theme parks and creating them involves puppetry, anatomy, and mechatronics skills.

Perhaps most famously used in movies Jurassic Park, ET The Extraterrestrialand BadgaroWhile CGI technology means less use in movies, they are still a popular feature at theme parks, including Disneyland, where they can be found in the iconic. Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and inside Universal Studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction

Many will also associate animatronics with video games Five Nights at Freddy’sWhere characters take center stage in the horror game first released in 2014.

A survival horror video game, it takes place in connected locations in a fictional family restaurant with an animatronic mascot that also has a series of hostile friends.

Inspired by this, VT is creating its own set Five Nights at Freddy’s The characters, however, were not prepared for how realistic their circus baby could be during the trial.

“I was using a servo controller that has buttons to preset the servo angle, but usually it has a knob to adjust the exact angle,” explained VT. “Sadly if it loses power it resets the button I used to put it in position to put some screws in. When the power cables are jigged the servo controller resets and the knob was set to hold the servo in position. My finger will be crushed.”

Commenters rushed to Reddit to share their reactions after the creator shared what had happened.

“Living up to FNAF [Five Nights At Freddy’s] Potentially lol,” joked one commenter, while another said: “Oh well. Now I know what blood tastes like.”

“Oh wait until you wake up at 3am, holding a kitchen knife to your chest,” joked another commenter.

Fortunately for VT, the damage wasn’t too bad in the end. “There was a metal frame thing, so it dug into my skin,” he explained. “It only took a couple of days to heal with a couple of bandages. I’m almost completely recovered in terms of movement.”

“It’s just not ready for mass production,” joked another Redditor in the comments, while one reply said: “I think it’s the start of a horror movie.”

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