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The T7000 RPT has turn into the star sequence of Airclose retractable roofs in a really brief time on account of its glorious efficiency.

Its distinctive efficiency was verified by the system’s current rigorous assessments in Ensatec’s laboratories, which produced superb outcomes.

The next desk summarizes these outcomes:

Thermal permeability “U” UNE EN 10077-2:2020 Uw 1.4 W/m²K
Air permeability based on UNE EN 1026:2017 third class
Water resistance based on UNE EN 1027:2017 eighth grade
Wind resistance based on UNE EN 12211:2017 Class C5, golpe last 3000 Pa

T7000 RPT design

Thermal transmittance:

The one retractable roof with a longitudinal thermal break

Airclose’s retractable roof sequence T7000 RPT is the primary in the marketplace to function a longitudinal Thermal Break that covers all factors of contact between exterior and inside areas, minimizing warmth switch between areas.

A significant technical enchancment that makes it potential to attain a U-value 1.4w/m²Can unprecedented end result within the retractable roof market.

The next parts are used to attain this worth:

  • Including polyamide to panel profiles: to stop contact between the within and out of doors of the panels separated by a really low permeability polyamide.
  • Polyurethane foam (PUR) filling in profiles: the polyamide contained in the profiles varieties a niche that’s crammed with polyurethane foam to scale back permeability.
  • Including polyamide between panels: since it’s a tiered system the place the panels are hidden below one another, polyamide is added to the skin of the panels to stop direct contact between them.
  • Including polyamide between the rails: the break can also be designed taking the rails under consideration. For that reason, polyamide profiles are put in between the totally different rails to stop contact between them. On this approach, the interruption extends to the whole system, not simply the roof panels.

Triple glazing

Due to this triple glazing, the model brings to the market the primary retractable roofs with a Ug worth of 0.5w/m²C.

The Ug worth measures the warmth switch between the inside and exterior of the room by means of the glass. The decrease the Ug worth, the decrease the transmittance and subsequently much less warmth or chilly loss, which will increase consolation and reduces vitality consumption and environmental affect

A lot of the floor of retractable roofs is fabricated from glass, because of which the thermal efficiency of the roof panel as a complete is considerably improved.

Air permeability

Air permeability measures the flexibility of a system to stop air from passing by means of it. Due to the three major parts beneath, T7000 RPT is assured low permeability.

  • Sheet gaskets or brush gaskets: an adjunct used as insulation in carpentry methods, which improves the vitality effectivity and air permeability of enclosed areas.
  • Rubber seals: due to their glorious mechanical properties, rubber seals assure the tightness of the system.
  • Wind barrier: This ingredient is specifically designed to stop smoke, noise, temperature modifications or air from getting into the enclosed house, thus growing its air tightness.

Water resistance

Watertightness determines how resistant the casing system is to water getting into an enclosed house.

T7000 RPT ensures the insulation of the room even on wet days due to seals and rubber seals that guarantee air tightness and offset glass.

Offset glass is a glazing system that ensures a totally flat and waterproof floor between profiles and glass panels.

Resistance to wind

Wind resistance is the system’s means to resist the examined wind energy with out main deformations or breakages.

Our retractable roof system T7000 RPT is made with panel profiles as much as 5 mm thick, specifically bolstered to resist excessive wind masses.

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