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Star Wars Alums Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley both have new movies coming out — but both films have now been left without release dates.

Distribution company STX has undergone a major restructuring and has announced that it will no longer distribute films but will operate solely as a production company. This has left several major films without distribution deals and, therefore, release dates.

Adam Driver in white noise


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The first is Ridley’s Daughter of the Marsh King, which follows Ridley as a woman who is kidnapped in her youth and has to deal with her dark past when her father escapes from prison. The actor of the film is a friend Star Wars Alm ben Mendelssohn (evil one) and is directed by unlimitedNeal Burger.

The second is the highly-anticipated biopic of Driver Ferrari, which depicts the life of Italian racing entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari with the driver in the lead role. The film also stars Penelope Cruz and Shailene Woodley and comes from director Michael Mann – his first film since 2015. black hat.

Daisy Ridley

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FerrariIn particular, there is a big-budget project for which the production company Lionsgate is interested in getting a theatrical release deal, as reported by deadline. It’s not all gloom news for drivers though. His latest movie white noisewhich also stars Greta Gerwig, debuted to strong reviews.

Elsewhere, Guy Ritchie’s latest movie Operation Fate Another project from STX is without a release date. The picture stars Ritchie favorite Jason Statham in the title role alongside Hugh Grant, Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes and Buggy Malone.

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