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Several Fall 2022 horror films have surprised audiences by going in different directions than the trailers suggest. Both barbarian and Halloween is over There are shocking characters and stories that have people talking. It can be tempting to watch every new trailer and read about every new movie coming out, but it can also be a fun experience to pick a few and dive in.

From a beloved, buzzy 90s found footage film to some Netflix horror films, Redditors are recommending horror movies that people should approach without too much detail or information.

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Spring (2015)

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Ivan and Louise in the spring

Evan and Louise meet Spring And that’s all fans need to know. Posted by Redditor NemoSHill Spring “My answer to this question will always be, no trailer, no reading about it. Just press play and enjoy, it’s so beautiful.”

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Sometimes the most exciting horror movies to watch without knowledge of the premise have a beautiful atmosphere and original tone, and that’s why Spring You have to watch without knowing too much.

The Perfection (2019)

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Charlotte and Lizzie playing the violin on stage in The Perfection

completeness One of the best Netflix horror movies and one of the catchiest names. Redditor VJA-Bands wrote about the movie, “I went in completely blindsided not knowing what to expect, and I have to say my expectations were subverted (not subverted) … it takes a lot of sharp turns and I love it.”

From the name, it is possible to think that the movie deals with trying to be innocent and the darkness that can result. There’s a big twist completeness With some memorable characters dealing with some scary things.

Good Care (2016)

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Luke and Ashley look horrified at Better Watch Out

Redditor bbk8z said “good care“A perfect horror film to go into without too many details. Horror fans who haven’t seen it yet have probably heard about it from friends who praise it as a Christmas movie that goes in a new direction and doesn’t feel like anything else in the genre.

The title suggests that it’s a play on the famous holiday song that goes “You better watch/Don’t you cry…” and continues, “Santa Claus is coming to town.” There is an incredible twist in the movie which cannot really be spoiled as the story will not be fun to watch. All potential fans should know that this is a scary and smart Christmas movie.

Coordination (2014)

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Characters who seem disturbed at Coherence

with a title like Coordination, it’s hard to know what to expect, which makes it a really fun movie to check out. Redditor chickenlover46 recommended it and wrote, “I just went to this blind and it was one of the best movie experiences I’ve ever had.”

All fans need to know this Coordination One of the best psychological horror movies of 2010 and when people check it out, they are shocked, happy, and ready to talk about it with others who have had similar great experiences. It has flown under the radar and not received as much hype as other films, which makes it all the more impressive.

Suspiria (2018)

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Dakota Johnson in Suspiria 2018

2018 remake Suspiria People are attracted by its whimsical, creepy title, and Redditor ConvivialSociety suggests watching it without reading anything else. A fan wrote that it was “incredible” and added, “Plus Thom Yorke did the soundtrack and it’s gorgeous.”

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While Suspiria Having a great story that never gets boring or slow, fan comments that it’s “beautiful” is useful information because the tone and vibe of the movie is also important. It has a dreamlike quality that will stick with all who see it.

The Cabin in the Woods (2012)

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The Cabin in the Woods 14 Horror Movies That Should Have Won an Oscar

Cabin in the woods Often called one of the best horror movies of all time because it is filled with so many fun surprises. The film is a shining example of what horror filmmakers are capable of as it offers many nods and references to classic slasher villains, monsters and other creatures, tropes and characters. It is also a good movie to watch without knowing too much. Redditor LordTekno said, “I saw the trailers but didn’t really follow anything going into it, I just knew the general ‘kids go into the woods, scary things happen’.”

If horror fans are going to go into a movie with no clue, there needs to be something to draw them in, and in most cases, the title does just that. Cabin in the woods This famous, beloved setting may be one of the smartest titles ever to appear in a movie, but at the same time, the movie advances this trope in a fascinating way.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

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Cole is standing in front of Malcolm in the sixth sense

The Sixth Sense Its main plot twist depends on it as it changes the story in a clever and thoughtful way. It’s a difficult movie to watch without knowing what’s going to happen because it’s been considered a classic for so many years. Redditor DeseretRain shared that it’s not as fun if the twist is spoiled: “I didn’t see it until I already had the twist spoiled for me, and I found it so boring,” the fan wrote.

The film has many entertaining horror elements, from the ghost of a girl whose mother poisoned her to the charming young character Cole Share, Dr. Revelations about Malcolm Crowe is still one of the most compelling and memorable in the horror genre. .

The Babysitter (2017)

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Bella Thorne Babysitter

with a title like Babysitter, it’s clear that something dramatic is going to happen to Bea, a teenager who takes care of Cole one evening while her parents go out. One Redditor commented that it’s a great movie to watch without hearing too much about the story, as his wife was surprised it was a comedy. Fan noted that her partner “was thinking for twenty minutes that this was some kind of coming-of-age rom-com.”

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Even if the fans know Babysitter A horror movie but not much else, it still leaves room for a lot of surprises, as Bee’s backstory comes into play and the audience learns what’s really going on.

The Empty Man (2020)

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James Badge Dale in Empty Man

There are some 2020 guilty pleasure horror movies, as well as several releases that fans of the genre are still talking about. One Redditor suggested that horror fans watch empty man without looking at the story first. The fan wrote, “Please don’t let the name make it look like a generic 2010 horror movie. This movie is a wild ride.”

The title suggests a villain who may be invisible or difficult to see, possibly unless the main characters are in complete darkness. The name of the movie is definitely very interesting that anyone would like to sit and watch the movie even without knowing about the main plot.

The Blair Witch Project (1999)

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A close-up of Heather Rowing in The Blair Witch Project (1999).

Redditor roaddoc326 responded in a thread about not reading horror movies before watching them and wrote, “I’ve always felt less than you know. The Blair Witch Project The more it adds to the feel of it.” Even though most movie fans know what it is by now, unless they’ve sat down and watched it from start to finish, it’s true that the experience of watching a group of college students go. Into the woods to see a witch’s tale is already too far back. Looks good without info.

The Blair Witch Project It is famous because many filmmakers thought it was real thanks to the way it was marketed as “based on true events”. Time has removed some of the shock value, the story is still worth watching and the film is a good found footage example.

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