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iPhone models and other Apple products could secure deep discounts during the Walmart Black Friday 2022 sale on November 7. Walmart has already confirmed that the gala event on the website will be bigger than ever. There will be great deals in various departments, but electronics will be the main focus for both buyers and sellers.

Apple has released several products in recent weeks, so there are a lot of discounts on older products in the sale. Recent releases are unlikely to be discounted, but older products could be heavily discounted during the Walmart Black Friday 2022 sale. This will include not only the iPhone but other products from the company as well. Let’s take a look at five major products that are expected to be discounted in the coming days.

Top 5 Apple Rivals (including iPhones) That Could Be on Sale in the 2022 Walmart Black Friday Sale

5) iPhone SE

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With the third generation of small devices recently revealed, seniors will likely get a discount during the 2022 Walmart Black Friday sale. Over the years, the small screen devices have offered users an entry-level experience on a tight budget. Although the cost-saving measures are obvious, with the smaller screen being the most obvious, the iPhone SE comes with solid specs under the hood.

Although there are fewer camera lenses, the SE offers the level of visual detail the company is known for. Moreover, Apple has also worked hard to improve the performance of the single lens and match it with the production of better devices. With the Bionic A15 under the hood, the iPhone SE 2nd generation could be a great buy.

4) MacBook Air

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A new generation of MacBook Air is coming soon with an updated chipset, which means there could potentially be a lot on the M1 MacBook Air. There are different variants available at Walmart to choose from and the versions with better hardware cost more. All the variants are likely to be offered at deep discounts when the Walmart Black Friday 2022 sale goes live.

Despite being an older version, the M1 chip still offers great stability and performance in most situations. The recent MacBook Air models have excellent specifications and are not limited to being used only for light work. In addition, students can get more discounts if they use their university accounts when purchasing them.

3) iPad 9th generation

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Apple recently announced and launched the 10th generation of the entry-level iPad. The release follows the iPhone 14 and initial impressions are quite positive. This has suddenly opened the door for consumers to get the 9th generation iPad on offer. When comparing the specifications of both the generations, there are only a few differences. Although the 10th generation has some advantages, the performance gap between the two generations is quite small.

Discounts in the 2022 Walmart Black Friday sale will make the 9th generation a great option. Although Apple hasn’t made any announcements, discounts are very likely. It remains to be seen how much shoppers can save on the product in the coming weeks.

2) Apple Watch Series 7

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September was a big month for everyone who loves the Apple Watch. The tech giant announced three new devices, all at different price points. With the Series 8 now being released worldwide, the previous Series 7 is likely a contender for discounts in the 2022 Walmart Black Friday sale.

Like the iPad 9th generation, there isn’t much difference in specs and hardware. Yes, the Series 8 has some cool features that will work very well in the iPhone ecosystem. However, the difference is not necessarily worth the extra money. Getting the older version and saving money will definitely be smarter.

1) iPhone 13

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The iPhone 13 is already heavily discounted around the world, and the US could see a similar trend during the upcoming Walmart Black Friday 2022 sale. Interestingly, the gap between the 13th generation and the base variant of the 14th generation is extremely close. The base version still uses the A15 Bionic chip and users will not lose out on any important features.

The iPhone 14 is unlikely to go on sale as its release date is relatively recent. However, enthusiasts can easily get the 13th generation and enjoy years of service, as the hardware is on par with current industry standards.

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