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Plot twists change everything we think we know about the movie. They are brilliantly served in an unexpected way, the audience never feels like a small but important piece is missing in the puzzle. And as if horror movies weren’t unpredictable enough, a plot twist — especially one that isn’t revealed until the end — hits you like a ton of bricks.

What’s in the plot twist?

Fight Club Plot Twist Movie

Plot twists are best introduced around the climax of the movie, after it has already established the story. If you don’t expect a change in the direction of the film, that’s who Tyler Durden really was. Fight ClubThe plot twist has done its first job: to shock.

After the big reveal, the story starts to make a lot of sense. The plot twist accomplishes the second task of providing context you don’t need. I remember the eureka moment as I watched reputation, when we finally discover the secret of the magician. Like many movies with plot twists, it made me say, “Oh, why didn’t I think of that?”

Because of the mysterious nature of horror, the genre is the perfect home for plot twists. The effects are the ones we didn’t expect—it’s not that hard when horror fans don’t expect rational or scientific explanations.

If you’re not as sick of horror movies as I am, add these titles to your horror season watchlist — and prepare to be amazed. Needless to say, this list is full of spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Our top picks for horror movies with plot twists

The Sixth Sense (1999)

“I see dead people.”

A young Haley Joel Osment explaining her abilities should be our first clue to the plot twist, but we only see what we want to see. Perhaps this was also the reason The Sixth Sense M. Night Shyamalan’s first major feature film we didn’t expect was a surprise ending to the critically acclaimed horror film.

If you haven’t seen it, The Sixth Sense Tells the story of psychologist Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) who helps Cole (Osment) improve his social skills. At school, he is feared for being strange but unknown to anyone, his ability to see ghosts sets him apart.

Malcolm convinces Cole to communicate with the dead so he can help them find peace. But here’s the plot twist: Malcolm is one of the dead people Cole sees and he doesn’t know.

After Malcolm died, many references were added to his strained relationship with his wife. She was grieving him, not getting away from him, and needed to find a way to shut him up. I watched the film a decade after its release but the shock of the plot is all the same.

others (2001)

A haunted house is probably one of the most overused horror movie tropes, but others Puts a spin on it that made it fresh. First off, the gothic supernatural flick starring Nicole Kidman is a period piece. Set after the events of World War II, others Centers around a family living in a remote country house.

Strange things happen around the old house and Grace (Kidman) fears for her family’s safety. The family hears footsteps, the piano playing itself, and unknown voices. They also see “others” walking around the various rooms of their large house, prompting Grace to call a priest to bless their house.

It looks like your formulaic haunted house horror movie, but the plot twists set it apart from the rest. Grace and her family are dead. The others they see are the living inhabitants of the country house, and they are the ghosts that haunt it.

Although this is another ‘they’re all dead together’ scenario, others It is an effective and stylish horror film that deserves praise.

El Orphanato (2007)

The Spanish horror film, co-directed by Guillermo del Toro, is about a family who recently moved into an orphanage. Laura, the mother, lived there once before being adopted. The couple and their adopted son, Simon, plan to reopen the orphanage. But on opening day, Simon is missing.

The couple and the authorities search high and low but Simon is nowhere to be found. The disappearance strains their relationship and Carlos, Laura’s husband, leaves. Alone in the big house, Laura starts seeing and hearing things, believing that Simon is still out there somewhere.

At the beginning of the film, Simon tells his mother that he sees strange people in the house. On opening day, he follows a boy—a ghost who used to live in an orphanage—unknowingly into a secret room in the house.

Here’s the plot twist: Laura, unaware that the secret room exists, accidentally blocks its entry. The strange sounds she heard were her son’s cries and his attempts to escape from the room. Simon was at home the whole time and Laura caused his death.

El Orphanato Equal parts spine-tingling and devastating. Although there are ghosts and atmospheric tension that make it a respectable entry in the genre, what makes it a true horror movie for me are the plot twists.

good night mom (2014)

You may have seen the trailers for the 2022 remake of this Austrian horror film, but do yourself a favor and watch the original instead.

As far as horror remakes go, the American version isn’t bad at all. It’s just the original good night mom Very scary. There are no major plot changes, however, as both are about a set of twins who suspect their mother is not who they say they are.

What makes Elias and Lucas suspicious of their mother’s identity is the extensive cosmetic surgery that covers her head with bandages. More than the changes she made to her face, though, there seemed to be a complete change in the personality of their unknown mother. She is cruel and careless towards the boys, even more so towards Elias, far from the loving mother they remember.

The boys conspire to tie her to a bed and make her admit that she is not their mother. Their search for the truth turns into horrific torture, which reveals the horror movie’s biggest plot twist. woman is Their mother, however, is just a figment of Lucas Elias’ imagination—his twin died in the same accident that required their mother to undergo reconstructive surgery.

raw good night mom is more graphic than the remake. The mother is also harsh to the children, which makes their suspicion of her identity more believable.

to us (2019)

Finally, the plot twist that changed all plot twist endings in horror movies for me is Jordan Peele’s. to us Disclosure. There are no ghosts but an elaborate conspiracy that is enough to lull anyone to sleep with the lights on.

Lupita Nyong’o plays Adelaide, the matriarch of a black family who goes on vacation. At first, it’s clear that there’s something unusual about Addy – she’s crazy, a little awkward, and has a crazy look in her eyes.

The explanation is traced back to his childhood. They are vacationing in the same town that is briefly kidnapped by a little girl who looks just like her. He has a right to be aware.

The night they arrive, they are interrupted by a family standing in their driveway. The scary thing is, they are not your average home invaders. The family looked exactly like them. This is when to us Turns your average holiday horror flick into a conspiracy horror movie.

After many exciting chases and some very violent deaths, the two Adelaides come to a confrontation. Red, his underground version, explains that they were part of a cloning program abandoned by the government. Only the clones somehow survived on a diet of rabbits and led the rebellion. Now they want to conquer the world above.

The big plot twist is that the Addy who was kidnapped as a child is not the same Addy that returned. The original Red switched places with him and has been living her normal life on the up and up ever since, which suggests that she is not as well adjusted as the rest of her family.

In retrospect, the plot twist seems pretty obvious, but Jordan Peele’s films have taught us not to guess at anything. That’s the thing about effective plot twists in horror movies – they always save us from satisfying revelations.

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