3 new holiday movies to stream now | Jobi Cool

Just for the weekend, three new Christmas movies are streaming on Apple TV, Netflix, and HBO Max. From new versions of old classics to sequels to iconic ’80s films, these are the best new holiday movies to stream right now.

Enthusiastic holiday movies
“Spirited” is a new holiday movie on Apple TV starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell.

Enthusiast (Apple TV+)

Starring Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell, this new Apple TV+ is a musical comedy version of the original Charles Dickens movie. A Christmas Carol. Each Christmas Eve, the Ghost of Christmas Present (Farrell) selects a dark soul to be reformed by three spirits. Reynolds plays Clint Briggs (this year’s “Scrooge”), but the tables turn as GOCP finds himself reflecting on his own past, present and future. With this comedy duo, the film is bound to be a hilarious twist on the Christmas classic.

Falling for Christmas holiday movies
The new Netflix holiday movie “Falling for Christmas” is a charming family movie. (Courtesy of Netflix)

Falling for Christmas (Netflix)

If you’re in the mood for a feel-good, PG Christmas movie, check out Lindsay Lohan’s return to the small screen in this Netflix romantic comedy. Lohan plays Sierra Belmont, the heiress to the best ski resort in Summit Springs. After falling off a ski slope, Belmont wakes up with amnesia and no idea who she is. Fortunately, the local owner of the charming North Star Lodge, Jake Russell, rescues her and takes her in until she recovers.

A Christmas Story Christmas Holiday Movies
“A Christmas Story Christmas” is a sequel to the 80’s classic film “A Christmas Story”. (Courtesy of HBO Max)

A Christmas Story Christmas (HBO Max)

A sequel to the iconic 1983 film, christmas story, Peter Billings once again stars as an older Ralphie in this new HBO Max holiday movie. Produced by Billingsley and Vince Vaughn, the film also stars Ian Petrella, Scott Schwartz, RD Robb, and Jack Ward – all reprising their old roles. The new film is set in 1973, 33 years after the original story. Ralphie returns to his hometown of Hammond, Indiana with his wife and children, hoping to give them the Christmas experience his father (“The Old Man”) always had.

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