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"Jobs" VHS tapes of and "Carrie"

A copy of “Jaws” from 1983 and a copy of “Carrie” from 1981.Heritage Auctions

  • Texas-based Heritage Auctions is auctioning off 100 VHS tapes of classic horror movies this Halloween.

  • They may be ancient, but vintage VHS tapes can command alarmingly high prices at auction.

  • In June, a sealed tape of “Back to the Future” was sold by Heritage Auctions for $75,000.

Watching scary movies is a definite Halloween activity. While many are tuning in to seasonally-appropriate horror content on platforms like Netflix, Heritage Auctions is plugging into a more traditional video format.

A Texas-based auction house is selling 100 vintage VHS horror tapes in a special Halloween auction. Bidding opened on October 10 and ends on October 31.

These old VHS horror tapes are likely to come with a hefty price tag – and you may struggle to watch them.

Funai Electric, the last Japanese company to manufacture VCRs, ceased production in 2016.

Heritage Auctions’ sale of vintage VHS horror tapes includes classics like “Carrie,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” “Jobs,” and “Ghostbusters.”

1985 VHS tape "Ghostbusters"

Heritage Auctions

Source: Heritage Auctions

All tapes up for auction are factory-sealed in their original packaging – and some are expected to sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

"The Evil Dead" VHS tapes of and "Nightmare on Elm Street"

Heritage Auctions

Source: Heritage Auctions

A 1983 copy of Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” is already going for $10,500. That number is likely to rise as the final day of bidding — Halloween — approaches.

"Jobs" VHS tapes of and "When 2"

Heritage Auctions

Source: Heritage Auctions

“Jaws,” released in 1975, was the highest-grossing film until “Star Wars” in 1977.

the people

Bettman Archive/Getty Images

Source: Guinness World Records

There is also an early version of John Carpenter’s “Halloween”, which misspells the name of the main character Michael Myers backwards. Bids stand at $11,000.

Heritage Auctions

The “Halloween” copy from 1981 has notoriously creepy cover art. Fans have pointed the finger at the open-mouthed screaming face, but the artist says it wasn’t intentional.

"Halloween" A close-up of a VHS tape

Heritage Auctions

Source: Insider

Bidding for a 1982 copy of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” stands at $7,750.

Heritage Auctions

Source: Screen Rant

There’s also a tape of the 1986 slasher film “Chopping Mall,” which bids for $4,100. It comes from the collection of the original cover artist, Corey Wolfe, who signed the packaging.

"Chopping manure"

Heritage Auctions

VHS was the definitive format for home video in the 70s, 80s and 90s, but the advent of DVDs and streaming turned tapes into relics.

A box of VHS tapes for sale for $5

Epics/Getty Images

Source: The Telegraph

“The Lion King,” released on home video in 1995, was the biggest-selling movie ever, shifting 32 million copies on VHS. Producer Don Hahn is featured in a Q&A.

Producer Don Han "The Lion King"

Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images

Source: IMDb

The last major release on VHS was David Cronenberg’s “History of Violence” in 2006.

Director David Cronenberg his film "A History of Violence"Signed the poster.

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Source: Los Angeles Times

After its demise as a home video format, the VHS collectors market is slowly emerging.

"Alien" VHS tapes of and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Heritage Auctions

Source: Hill

Right now, buyers are mainly interested in early editions and sealed tapes, but less pedigreed and used tapes can soon become valuable.

"Carrie" VHS tapes of and "Attack of the killer tomato"

Heritage Auctions

Source: Movieweb

In June, a collector bought a near-mint-condition copy of “Back to the Future” at a Heritage auction for $75,000 — the highest price ever paid at auction for a VHS tape.

Heritage Auctions

Source: Heritage Auctions

Heritage Auctions also sold a tape of “Ghostbusters” for $23,750 in June — and they’ve got two more from 1985 for this Halloween.

"Ghostbusters" Two VHS tapes of

Heritage Auctions

Source: Heritage Auctions

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