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The horror genre has produced some of the most beloved and well-recognized filmmakers. Names like Wes Craven, John Carpenterand George A. Romero are synonymous with the genre, each responsible for creating iconic franchises whose influence is still felt today. Unfortunately these veterans have either left this world or retired, creating a new class of directors, including the likes. James Wan and Eli Roth, Trying to carry his torch.

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Each of the horror directors on this list has a select few films that are classics, recognized even by non-genre fans. But each creator has an extensive filmography that includes some diamonds in the rough, some great movies that don’t get the same attention as their more popular brethren. Not all of these movies are terrible either, as some show an incredible range to master other genres.

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Wes Craven – ‘The Shocker’ (1989)

Slow, great Wes Craven Gifted us with two of the biggest franchises in horror A Nightmare on Elm Street and shout outWhile creating popular movies The mountains have eyes and Last house on the left. Between Freddy and Ghostface, Kraven passes out shocked in the world.

Horace Pinker (Mitch Pileggi) is a heinous serial killer, sent to the electric chair for his crimes. That doesn’t stop him for long, however, as the mass murderer comes back from the dead with lightning powers to continue his killing spree. It’s up to the teenager who identified her and her detective father to stop the shocking villain.

shocked Available to stream on Peacock.

Eli Roth – ‘The Green Inferno’ (2013)

Eli Roth He is best known for his involvement in the torture porn craze of the 2000s, creating two modern-day classics. Cabin fever and dormitory. What’s often overlooked about Roth is the dark humor he incorporates into his horror, undercutting the tension of what is often a gritty and brutal horror film.

Green Inferno The same is true of environmental activists who have trapped themselves in the Amazon. Taken to a camp of cannibalistic natives, the students discover too late that they are being served as food. Green Inferno Combining his trademark dark comedy with gruesome gore, Roth is seen at his best.

Green Inferno Available to stream on Netflix.

George A. Romero – ‘Diary of the Dead’ (2007)

George A. Romero The zombie was king, often credited with bringing the undead into popular culture. His series of zombie films, began Night of the Living DeadShambling remains the most influential take on ghoul. Diary of the Dead His admittedly good films are often overlooked, but this one is still worth watching.

Arriving at a time when found footage was beginning to take on a horror genre, Romero used the filmmaking style for his fifth zombie movie. He shows a flair for technology, viz Diary of the Dead Follows a group of university students who are attacked by zombies while trying to film a movie project in the forest.

Diary of the Dead Available to stream on Tubi.

Joe Dante – ‘The Little Soldier’ ​​(1998)

Best known for directing the iconic Gateway horror franchise, Gremlins, Joe Dante Also the original instructions piranha and The Howling. He has had a varied career in Hollywood, often working on projects that involve some form of comedy, but is best known for his horror work.

Little soldiers It feels like the 90s Gremlins, the action figures come to life and continue their fateful battle with each other, no matter the human cost. While dismissed by critics, Little soldiers An action-packed joyride for the whole family that remains a core memory for ’90s kids.

Stuart Gordon – ‘Stock’ (2007)

Inspired by the great horror writers of the past, Stuart Gordon Guided adaptation of work HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Some of his famous films include: Re animator, from beyondand Pit and PendulumWhile he also created cult classics Castle Freak.

Turning his gaze to the real world, it was Gordon’s last film before his passing got stuck. Inspired by a real murder case, got stuck Follows Brandi (Mena Suvari), a nurse who hits a homeless man with her car. Fearing the consequences, Brandi keeps the still-living man, who is placed on her windshield, hidden in her garage. A battle of wills ensues between the pair, as Gordon balances the sick situation with his signature offbeat humor.

got stuck Available to stream on Tubi.

Alexander Aja – ‘Horns’ (2013)

The most successful director to emerge from France during the New French Extreme Movement, Alexander come The 2000s and 2010s had a terrible name. Along with directing two great horror remakes The mountains have eyes and piranhaAja has also directed crawl, High stressand the mirror.

for the hornAza adapted the novel of the same name black phone the author Joe Hill. Daniel Radcliffe Stars as Ig, a man falsely accused of murdering his girlfriend. One day with a pair of horns growing out of his head, Ig realizes that they force anyone around him to tell the truth, so he begins using them to clear his name.

horn Available to stream on Tubi.

Darren Lynn Boseman – ‘Mother’s Day’ (2010)

after James Wan and Leigh Whannell decided to leave seen Franchise after first entry, Darren Lynn Bausman took the reins. Bousman directed the next three entries in the series, while he returned in 2021 for the reboot. spiral. He is also known for creating cult classic horror-musicals Repo! The Genetic Opera.

When a crime family flees and returns to their home that they’ve lost due to foreclosure, they take the new owner and their friends hostage. This creates a tense situation between the grieving family and their victims, who each seem to be hiding their own dark secrets that will no doubt bubble to the surface. mother’s day finished

mother’s day Available to stream on Tubi.

Sam Raimi – ‘A Simple Plan’ (1998)

cinema story Sam Raimi It is well known for two things: evil dead and spider man. Whether it’s his attempts to combine horror with slapstick comedy or his passion for bringing the magic of comic books to the big screen, Raimi is highly regarded in both the superhero and horror realms.

A simple plan Raimi sees both spandex and fear abandoned in favor of crime. When two brothers (Bill Paxton and Billy-Bob Thornton) discovers a crashed plane in the woods filled with 4 million dollars, they decide to keep the money. This proves a bad decision as their growing insanity sends them down a dark path they may never recover from.

A simple plan Available to stream on HBO Max.

James Wan – ‘The Death Penalty’ (2007)

Perhaps the biggest name in modern horror, James Wan Responsible for creating juggernaut franchises seen, Conjuringand a hypocrite. Along with directing other horror hits deadly and Dead silenceWan tipped his toes in a range of Hollywood blockbusters Aquaman and Fast and Furious 7.

Wan made his non-horror debut with it death sentence, a gritty crime thriller that follows a grieving father on a path of revenge. When family man Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) Witnessing the death of his son during a gang bust, a broken father wages a one-man war against those responsible in this gritty action flick.

death sentence Available to stream on Starz.

John Carpenter – ‘Ghosts of Mars’ (2001)

Perhaps the most revered name in the horror genre, John Carpenter is responsible for masterpieces Halloween and thing. His filmography reads like a catalog of classic cinema, as he is also responsible They live, Big Trouble in Little Chinaand Escape from New York.

Ghosts of Mars Far from Carpenter’s best work, but it’s still a good time. Packed with great action sequences, the film follows a police unit that travels to Mars to retrieve prisoner Desolation Williams (ice cube). When an entire mining colony arrives to seek refuge, they must fight an army of colonists who soon take over.

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