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The world’s oldest production motorcycle manufacturer, Royal Enfield, it has been more than a hundred years now. Over its 121-year history, Royal Enfield has certainly seen a lot, produced world-class motorcycles, and managed to become a household name across the globe. Today, Royal Enfield is the global leader in the 250-750cc segment by some margin. Many bikes and production decisions have led to the brand’s success, but none more so than the Classic 350 which burst onto the scene in 2008 and took the motorcycle market by storm. The classic 350 motorcycle not only put Royal Enfield back on the global map, but the entire market as well, effectively ushering in a new era of affordable retro motorcycles.

Last year in 2021, Royal Enfield finally brought out a new second generation of the classic 350, updating its best-selling bike into a new era. Now a well-known, respected, and largely successful motorcycle manufacturer, Royal Enfield has built the classic 350 for the last time, and over the years, an increasing number of motorcycle enthusiasts and newbies have fallen in love with the bike. There are many reasons why the Classic 350 is a success, and here are 10 things we love about the Royal Enfield Classic 350.

10/10 Classic 350’s fuel injection system

Before Royal Enfield launched the Classic 350, the brand phased out its old cast iron engine, replacing it with an all-new aluminum UCE (Unit Construction Engine). While this engine’s capacity remained the same at 346cc, it now had two spark plugs in each cylinder, and came with a new fuel injection system to meet emissions regulations.

This new engine made the Classic 350 a lot more fun to ride, as the bike became more responsive. In addition, it was more fuel-efficient, which also effectively reduced the cost of ownership. Earlier, Royal Enfield motorcycles were notorious for oil leaks, but those days are gone as the classic has become a very reliable machine.

9/10 The 5-speed gearbox brought in thousands of young bikers

As the India-based motorcycle manufacturer moved with the times and introduced a new, fuel-injected system, the Classic 350 also came with a left-hand drive 5-speed gearbox. This new gearbox for the Classic replaced the RE’s old system which had the transmission on the right and the brake on the left.

Ditching the old clunky transmission system, the new 5-speed became very easy to use, which was appreciated not only by enthusiasts but also by young bikers who now consider the Classic a viable first bike. In form, they are beginning to accept as Royal. Enfield was otherwise known as another acquired taste with some mastery.

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8/10 The Classic 350 can go anywhere

Its versatility remains the USP of the Royal Enfield Classic 350, as this bike is truly one that is comfortable in all weathers and all terrains. Appealing to bikers of all ages and tastes, the Classic 350 is an ideal all-season bike that is adept in all environments. When it comes to city driving one can easily use it as a daily commuter due to its excellent torque and speed in the lower rev range.

Moreover, it also proves to be a remarkable cruiser on the highway and cross-country touring, with the Classic 350 almost synonymous with mountain touring in its home country. The simplicity of this bike is probably the biggest factor behind its tremendous success over the years.

7/10 The Classic 350 has impressively low maintenance costs

Another great feature of Royal Enfield Classic 350 is its very low maintenance cost. In fact, those motorcycles are known to be cheap when it comes to servicing and repairs. Also, while Royal Enfield has updated the motorcycle and kept it fresh and moving with the times, it is one of the easiest bikes to fix. The very low maintenance costs of the bike also make the chances of finding a reliable and used Classic 350 very high.

This is thanks to the philosophy of keeping the motorcycle’s electronic systems to a minimum. The Classic 350, ever since it first rolled off the assembly line, has been a no-nonsense retro motorcycle that delivers whatever is asked of it without fuss. That way, if you’re ever in a pinch while revving your classic, chances are the problem is something you can fix on the go, and any mechanic worth their salt will know. There will be no difficulty in repairing. Even with no missed services and maintenance, the Classic remains an excellent bargain, with remarkably cheap ownership and maintenance.

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6/10 Great torque figures make up for the lack of horsepower

The Classic 350 is powered by Royal Enfield’s 346-cc single-cylinder air-cooled fuel injection engine that produces 19.3 hp. While that may not sound very impressive for a tourer weighing 430 pounds, the motorcycle excels on the torque front.

For all Royal Enfield enthusiasts, the Classic 350 is all about torque, which, at 20.65 lb-ft, delivers excellent response in the lower and mid-end of the rev range. This is why the bike remains excellent as a city operator despite its weight. And even though the power feels a little muted as you head towards the higher end of the rev band, the engine’s unease never warrants a complaint.

5/10 The ABS on the Classic 350 never interferes too much

A common complaint of many motorcycle enthusiasts from the new-age bikes is that their machines feel like technological nags, with safety features that are either too restrictive or intrusive. With the Royal Enfield Classic 350, ABS was never a source of complaints.

The motorcycle comes with both single and dual-channel ABS, and the 280mm disc at the front and 240mm disc at the rear provide excellent braking and excellent stopping power. However, ABS manages to never feel intrusive, which greatly enhances the riding experience, ensuring that the rider feels confident in their brakes.

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4/10 The Classic 350 is one of the most affordable heritage motorcycles

Royal Enfield has tasted great success globally with its bikes, especially the Classic 350, due to the bike’s excellent and affordable price. When it comes to old-school, retro-styled cruisers, perhaps no motorcycle proves to be a better deal in terms of reliability, performance and affordability than the Classic 350.

With a starting price of just $4,499, which can go up to $4,699 depending on the color you choose to bring one home, the Classic 350 is an incredibly affordable machine, especially for those new to the motorcycle world. . Plus, its impressive maintenance costs and excellent fuel economy make it a gift that keeps on giving.

3/10 The 2022 Classic 350 offers better suspension and shifting

Best known for being one of the most reliable tourers on the market, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 sports an upright riding position, which ensures a comfortable position for riders even on long distances across the country or on the highway. to

The 2022 Classic 350’s telescopic front forks and rear twin gas-charged shock absorbers offer a soft suspension, which airs the bike over potholes and rough roads. Over the years, the motorcycle has been refined in terms of circuitry and switchgear, and the latest edition of the classic 350 sports top-notch switchgear, with no more bodywork and eyesores.

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2/10 The Classic 350 welcomes riders of all heights and shapes

While the Classic 350 has always welcomed all riders regardless of their weight or height, it has never been more accepting than in its 2022 incarnation. With improved ergonomics, an upright seating position, and closer handlebars offering a more comfortable position, the Classic 350 is easy for any rider to master in no time.

Its seat height of about 31.4 inches means it’s accessible for any size rider to saddle up on. Additionally, the handlebars no longer put a bit of weight on the rider’s wrists, further enhancing the bike’s credentials as a commendable long-distance tourer.

1/10 Riders delight in the classic 350’s engine thump

Perhaps what makes the Royal Enfield such an iconic motorcycle is its legendary engine thump, which, over the years, has given the bike great character. It makes the rider completely feel like they are in charge of an old school motorcycle. After all, the sound of a motorcycle engine is an integral part of the riding experience.

This classic thump is something Royal Enfield has never compromised on, as it is as integral to the package as the rest of the bike’s features. The Classic 350 offers a well-refined yet head-turning thump, which never affects the ride quality and enhances the overall look and feel of the bike.

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