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Thanksgiving is the often-forgotten middle sibling between the spooky Halloween season and the spooky, fun Christmas time. Halloween and Christmas have long dominated Hollywood with movies dedicated to their genre. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is left out year after year with no holiday movies dedicated to it, despite its family celebrations and feasts.

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There’s a bright side, though: if you’re a Halloween and horror lover, many Thanksgiving movies revolve around killer turkeys, brutal diner massacres, and haunted college campuses during Thanksgiving break. Whether you’re still missing Halloween, or in the mood for some funny fun after turkey dinner, there are plenty of scary Thanksgiving movies for the holiday.

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‘Christy’ (2014)

Justin is being hunted by a cultist killer in 'Christy's' library.

Justin, a college student, can’t afford to fly home for Thanksgiving break Christy. Instead, he is forced to live alone on campus for the holiday weekend. While walking around the mostly empty college campus, she comes across a girl named Violet playing with a knife alone in her room. Justin soon learns that the girl is more dangerous than she appears.

Violet is part of a violent cult who are out to kill the “Christies” of the world, who they think are God-fearing young women whose lives seem perfect. Justine spends her nights on campus trying to escape murderous cult members, and also engaging in violence of her own.

‘Blood Freak’ (1972)

Herschel after turning into a giant, terrifying turkey in 'Blood Freak'.

The first thing you need to know before diving into the 1972 food-related movie Blood Freak, is that the film was originally rated X due to its excessive violence and gore. This terrifying sci-fi movie combines genetically modified, lab-grown turkeys with a gore fest so intense, even tryptophan won’t save you.

The movie follows Herschel, who has just returned from Vietnam. He befriends a young, religious girl who invites him to her home where she lives with her sister, Ann. Ann laces him with drugs to seduce him, and he likes them so much that he has to come up with money to feed his new addiction. Herschel takes a job at a turkey farm where he is instructed to eat some experimental turkeys, only to begin to transform into hideous ones himself.

‘Home Sweet Home’ (1981)

In 'Home Sweet Home', the victim is taken away by the killer.

home sweet home Follows an escaped mental patient who becomes super strong and wants to ruin someone’s Thanksgiving dinner. He chooses the isolated country home of the Bradley family, whose celebratory night is shattered by the arrival of a terrifying killer.

home sweet home The perfect formula of an old-school slasher is mixed with the trappings of an old horror film. It is also the only Thanksgiving horror movie directed by a woman. Nettie Pena, offering a fresh take on the outrageousness of the Thanksgiving horror genre. It’s truly a movie that continues to deliver some of the best kills in the history of guitar-playing mimes and slashers.

‘Black Friday’ (2021)

Bruce Campbell wielding a chainsaw and talking on the phone in 'Black Friday'.

of 2021 black friday was a cure for evil dead After fans saw the horror icon, Bruce CampbellHe returned to the big screen after a gap of years. The movie put a new horror spin on the consumerist Black Friday “holiday” that takes place the day after Thanksgiving—albeit, with a lot more zombies.

black friday Follows the terrifying hordes of shoppers who descend on malls and stores each year and the unlucky employees who deal with them. In the movie, a group of disgruntled toy store employees find themselves fighting more than the shoppers. Customers are all turned into monstrous creatures to kill anything in their way.

‘Blood Fury’ (1987)

Terry wielding a machete in 'Blood Fury'.

Todd and Terry are identical twins in 1987 Blood rage. One night at a drive-in theater, the boys witness their mother locked in a make-out session with a strange man. Terry gets angry at them and kills a teenager in a nearby car. He blames his twin brother for the murder, and Todd is locked up in an asylum while Terry gets to live out the rest of his teenage life.

Ten years later on Thanksgiving Day, Todd escapes from the asylum and Terry is still going on his murderous ways, hell-bent on killing any man involved with his mother. Terry tries to kill his mother’s current partner, while Todd seeks his own bloody revenge. This is a thank you movie about a dysfunctional family that is riveting from start to finish.

‘Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead’ (2006)

Zombie Chicken Horde in 'Poultrygeist Night of the Chicken Dead'.

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead The shock exploits brought to us come from the masters The Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke ‘Em High series. The film is a dark comedy horror musical and while it’s not necessarily a Thanksgiving movie, it has enough chicken to make it a perfect match for the holiday.

The movie centers around a New Jersey fried chicken fast-food restaurant that happens to be built on top of an old, haunted Native American grave. Displaced Native American spirits unite with the ghosts of the doomed chickens and turn into hordes of zombie chickens seeking revenge.

‘Boogeyman’ (2005)

The protagonist, Tim, is in the hospital next to a screaming girl in bed in 'Boogeyman'.

While The boogeyman Not much to do with murderous turkeys or diner massacres, supernatural horror films tend to take place on Thanksgiving. The catalyst for the movie’s plot occurs when the protagonist, Tim, and his girlfriend travel to her parents’ house on Thanksgiving.

As a young boy, Tim witnessed his father being taken by the Boogeyman himself, causing him to fear the rooms and his childhood home. After Tim arrives with his girlfriend for Thanksgiving dinner, he experiences a premonition that his mother needs to come home. It turns out that his mother is actually dead though, and Tim’s psychiatrist suggests that he return to his childhood home to face his fears once and for all.

‘Thank You Killing’ (2007)

The killer turkey sitting at the dinner table in 'ThanksKilling'.

This horror-comedy is full of campy, gory, and crash humor and a plot so outlandish that the ridiculousness of it all makes it too fun not to watch after Thanksgiving dinner. The movie is full of practical effects and a killer turkey that kills its victims with Eric Cartman’s persona and the catchphrase, “Gobble, gobble, motherf**ker.”

For all its absurdity, the film takes itself less seriously than its audience. Thanks Killing Begins in 1621, during the first Thanksgiving when a turkey brutally kills a pilgrim with a tomahawk. The film then jumps to modern times where a group of teenagers begin discussing Thanksgiving urban legends – one of which involves a monster turkey. This year, he showed up early to kill anyone in his path during the holidays.

‘Krisha’ (2015)

Krisha looking towards the camera in 'Krisha'.

AgricultureA mesmerizing star Krisha Fairchild, leans more towards drama than a true horror movie, but it packs all the horror and trauma shocks of the genre. It’s paced and shot like a horror film, and instead of erasing its family drama at the Thanksgiving dinner table, it lovingly slices it with emotional disaster into one of the worst family reunions in modern horror.

The title character alone makes the movie worth watching, as his subtle acting and charisma rule the screen in this A24 movie. The movie follows Krisha, who returns to her estranged family for Thanksgiving, and demons from her past threaten to ruin the festivities.

‘Sense’ (2006)

A man and a young girl in a hallway in 'Seance'.

Over Thanksgiving weekend at college, five students decide to stay on campus for the holiday. Lauren has been seeing things in her bathroom lately, especially a young, silent child. Her roommate’s boyfriend decides to talk to the group to find out what Lauren is seeing, though none of them believe in the paranormal.

However, the sequence goes horribly wrong, and terrible things begin to happen on a campus where the only defender of the students is a college cop. A group of roommates are wondering if they should hire another Sensei to correct their mistake. But what happens if they become victims of evil themselves – audiences are left to find out for themselves in the underrated horror movie. Sense.

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