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Halloween is over This is done in a “satisfactorily consistent manner” (via The Associated Press), but it’s undeniable how the movie pushed the boundaries. Director David Gordon Green largely rejected the franchise formula and switched stories at least three times in less than two hours. But different often does not mean better.

Sometimes, when the horror style feels overdone and flat, the self-aware ones stand out as the best. However, even the idea of ​​making fun of horror clichés is slowly fading as more and more movies try to recreate them. shout out Formula, with some management to succeed and actually deliver something innovative. While Redditors have debated that in multiple threads, they’ve also taken issue with some other horror movie clichés that make them want to turn off their screens immediately.

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Children ask “innocent” scary questions

As for Mezcalier, they believe “kids ask “innocent” questions that adults know are scary” is an annoying cliché. Children are used so much as a narrative device in horror movies that fans usually know what to expect by now. Like the movies though howeverKnowing exactly how to use this cliché, justified by the mother’s insanity due to her current troubled mental state, most horror movies are clearly not sensitive enough to justify a parent’s reaction to something related.

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This cliché falls especially flat when it leads to a similar resolution; A “he was right all along” moment that just doesn’t work after the parents undermine their child throughout the entire movie.

A young couple moves into a scary new house

There are many variations of this cliché and many attempts at innovation fail to stick. There is one in which a young couple moves into a brand new house that was actually the scene of a murder, or a young couple moves in with their child for a “fresh start”, and so on. Viewers can choose any setting they want and still get the same result.

unagiplz goes ahead and describes a series of overdone clichés that happen after the young couple moves in, where “the wife is watching. [a] Spotted steadily on the wall, listening to whispering voices. Then we get our first over-the-top jumpscare — either her husband with a toolbox, coming to nudge her neck — or the cat knocking something over.” It’s funny how many scenes pop into every horror fan’s head, and it usually indicates the movie. Sip.

The hero goes to the library to research the organization

There’s an ancient, unknown entity stalking the main characters, trying to kill them, and what do they do when they go? They go to read about it. Easily one of the most overused horror tropes from the 2000s, what makes things even more surreal is how the characters manage to find something of value in their research, almost as if they know exactly where to find it. It’s almost an insult to the audience.

Theonlywayoutististre jokes, “Library research kills me! ‘Well, I’ve got less than 24 hours to live. I better get caught up on history”. Often what makes a horror movie scary is the “unknown” factor; The more the audience knows about an object or monster, the less scary it is, and revealing all the lore through books or questionable internet articles is sure to make the whole thing anticlimactic.

Scary baby art

Scary Kid is a classic with even scarier artistic skills. Often tied to the “imaginary friend” trope, a strange figure appears in the infamous family sketch, a cliché that’s a clear sign that the creators are too lazy to think of a creative way to reveal that something strange is going on.

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It could easily go wrong: some “kid” drawings in horror movies look like renaissance paintings and the movie makes the audience believe it was drawn by a kid. godselfdx claims, “It gets me right out of situations when “four-year-olds” draw loads of people with obvious facial features and body parts instead of balls with legs.”

Pets meet a terrible fate

One of those horror movie clichés that definitely doesn’t make sense is the main character’s reluctance to trust his own pets. Of the many first strange occurrences, pets are often the first to notice, especially dogs. They bark, they whine, they can tempt their owners to follow them and find something, and what do they get in return? One night on the ground outside the house.

Cats aren’t nearly as safe either, often minding their own business to show up dead in some corner of the house. What makes matters worse is how these pets are brutally murdered to insert them into the story. “Leave the innocent baby animals alone,” Rockadthelobster yells.

High School Bully Luck

This cliché was present in every teen horror film of the 80s but no longer works. The movie introduces a despicable high school bully whose cruel deeds are simply ignored by all the authorities, so the audience will hate him and eagerly await the terrible fate they will never meet.

It’s become such a traditional trope that bullying doesn’t require any character development; Movies just insert an angry kid in a varsity jacket and that’s it, the audience knows they’re bullies who will soon die horribly. Tankmaster5000 goes straight to the point, “high-school joke bullies in cool cars […] Being a total pr**ks for the main character. Yes, they will die.”

Let’s split up

Crowbar_Faith makes his point with a great reference, “‘Me & Daphne check out the bedroom! Velma, Shaggy & Scooby, you check out the barn back!'” It’s wild how the silly cartoon-like Scooby Doo uses every cliché. Makes fun of the episode and horror movies continue to use it as an effective narrative device to further “damage”. Not even one of the most innovative movies of 2022, Xmanaged to escape from it.

Things can get even funnier when the characters joke about how splitting up is such a bad idea or bad horror movie fate and then split up like nothing happened. Maybe it’s time to come up with a horror movie where the characters stay together the whole time and see what happens.

Children who are ill to increase stress

Redditors only know that a horror movie sucks when the movie makes sure that one of the kids in the story is in dire straits, usually at the beginning, because there’s no way the movie will take advantage of that. level of stress.

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markstormweather said, “Oh man, I’m out as soon as the camera sticks to the inhaler.” It’s very clear and always comes in handy, though like many cult classics hint and Hereditary, recently, with Charlie, took advantage of this cliché. There are instances that can effectively affect the plot, but it often leads to the same traditional outcome.

Full movie in trailer

Afrogirl20 shares relevant insights about the current horror film landscape, “Not the cliche of the movie but the marketing. A trailer or an entire movie in a trailer shows a completely different movie.” This argument may seem obsolete at first thought but if viewers look back at the trailer for horror hits like 2022 black phone and invitationThey can find all the important scenes in these 2-3 minutes which should give only a vague idea about the film.

Naturally, in a landscape filled with stale fear, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to sell original ideas without giving away all the surprises, but on the other hand, barbarian It was a huge hit due to the impressive word-of-mouth marketing that ensured audiences went blind and had the time of their lives at the theatre.

Is there anyone?

The average amount of horror movies that use this cliché is incredible, but it represents a huge turn-off primarily for stanley_leverlock, who jokes, “When someone hears a noise outside and runs out the front door and into the yard. Hello? Is there anyone? Usually the jumpscare is followed by the cat.”

The problem is not the sentence but the reason behind it. What the characters will expect when they ask is always on their mind because they often don’t get a response. It’s a cliché that doesn’t have the potential to ruin an entire story, but when a movie overuses it, it can quickly become unbearable.

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