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Animation is such a versatile medium because there are no rules. With an animated film, anything is possible. These films bring daring adventures, mysterious creatures, and fascinating characters that can make the audience feel a range of emotions, including joy, fear, and excitement. However, some animated movies are particularly sad.

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Whether it’s the loss of a beloved character or a plot twist that’s hard to come to terms with, many animated movies tug at the heartstrings. Some of these movies have left their audiences heartbroken, others are heartwarming and poignant.

This article mentions suicide Dear Vincent Entry

10/10 Anomalisa left fans questioning her own life

If there’s one thing Charlie Kaufman is good at, it’s creating deep films that question life and the way it’s lived. Although he has directed three feature films so far, he has left his mark in cinema. His animated film, AnomalisaIt’s about a motivational speaker named Michael, who is staying at a hotel for a conference but is bored with his life.

Anomalisa It’s inherently sad from the start, as it forces the audience to look at themselves and face what they’re doing with their lives, just like Michael. He meets Lisa, who brings excitement into his life, but they must eventually part ways. His presence in her life is just an anomaly.

9/10 Inside out is all about dealing with emotions

Pixar is no stranger to making people cry, and this couldn’t be more true inside out. The film deals with the emotions in the head of an 11-year-old girl named Riley, specifically joy, sadness, anger, fear and hatred. Sadness is blamed for ruining many of Riley’s happy memories and replacing them with core sad memories.

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inside out From Riley confronting her parents about her struggle to move on to Bing Bong’s tragic death, it’s filled with poignant moments as a symbol of childhood abandonment. inside out is a moving, important film that discusses mental health and the validation of emotions.

8/10 Awakened Life is about existentialism

Throughout history, many great minds have come up with interesting philosophical ideas about how the world and its people work. Richard Linklater created the movie waking life which explores many of these ideas. It follows an unknown man who is trapped in an apparent situation as he discusses life with various people.

waking life It follows a man when he is unsure of where he is, discussing deeper concepts such as reality, free will, and the meaning of life. While some people offer uplifting visuals, others lean towards dark and gloomy ideas that are sure to leave viewers feeling sad.

7/10 All Dogs Go to Heaven teaches children how to let go

There is a lot of heavy stuff to take in while watching All dogs go to heaven, such as fear of what comes after death and leaving friends when the time comes. Life goes on, and that’s what this movie tries to teach people. the more successful All dogs go to heaven Of course it is very sad to see.

The movie follows Charlie, who is killed and goes to Heaven, only to return to Earth to catch his killer. He meets Anne-Marie, a child who teaches him love and compassion. Although Charlie finally understands the meaning of love, it is too late. In the end, he accepts his fate and goes to heaven, forcing his new friend to leave behind.

6/10 Spirit shows what it really means to live

Pixar always has a way to the heart, though soul It is the first film to explore more adult themes such as life after death, growing up and finding the passion to live. The film follows Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher who dreams of playing jazz in a club. When he finally gets the chance, he dies and must find a way back to his body.

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Along the way, Joe meets 22, an unborn soul with no passion. They teach each other so much about what it truly means to live each day to the fullest and appreciate the little things in life before it’s too late. inside out It’s bittersweet, but the tears still flow.

5/10 The Iron Giant makes the ultimate sacrifice

Friendship is a strong bond, even if it is between an unlikely couple. This has been proven true The Iron Giant, which follows a boy who befriends a giant machine. Together, they help make life better for everyone in their small town. However, things don’t stay peachy for the loving couple.

With a missile on its way to the city, threatening to kill everyone in it, the Iron Giant makes the ultimate sacrifice by flying up to the missile and crashing it into space. No matter how many times a fan watches it The Iron GiantSeeing him close his eyes saying “Superman” is heartbreaking every moment.

4/10 Toy Story 4 is the end of an era

The Toy Story Suffrage is about childhood innocence. Eventually, though, kids grow up, which Andy’s toys must also come to terms with. Toy Story 4 Follows Woody, Buzz and the whole gang as they are taken on a road trip by Bonnie, their new boss. However, Woody gets separated from Bonnie and the rest of the group and must find his own way.

Toy Story 4 The toys are an emotional rollercoaster as Andy learns to live life without him. Be it new faces or old friends, this movie is full of emotional challenges for everyone. This is only amplified by Woody’s decision to leave the rest of the gang at the end of the movie.

3/10 Bambi lost his mother

Bambi It’s known for being very sad, and it’s easy to see why. The film follows a young deer who travels through the forest learning many life lessons along the way. Her path begins when her mother is killed by a hunter roaming the forest.

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The scene is one of the most famous animated scenes, but it is very awkward. In particular, Bambi calling out to her mother is gut-wrenching. Although the characters of Bambi Animated, Bambi’s mother’s death is a shocking, tragic sequence that never fails to make the audience cry even when they know it’s coming.

2/10 Loving is a tragic look at the life of Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous artists, but his impressive work only became significant after his death in 1890. Despite his impressive talent, Van Gogh struggled with his ‘failed’ art career and suffered a mysterious death that still remains. It is not known to this day, although it is believed that Van Gogh died by suicide.

Van Gogh’s tragic life is depicted Dear Vincent, who tells his story through real oil paintings that are similar in style to how he paints. The story follows Armand, the postman’s son who is asked to deliver a note from Van Gogh to his brother Theo. Dear Vincent Incredibly moving.

1/10 Tears come in the first ten minutes above

above Not only is it one of the most awkward animated movies, it’s one of the saddest movies ever. The film begins with two children, Carl and Ellie, when they meet for the first time. A montage then depicts Carl and Ellie as they grow up, go on dates, fall in love, get married and live a life together.

Carl and Ellie grow old together, but Ellie falls ill and dies. She had Carl go to South America together without them as they had dreamed of. It’s really heartbreaking to see their whole life from beginning to end, just for the end. above Teaches the audience to love and appreciate the people around them, because that is the real journey of life.

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