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On November 18, the newest mystery horror show, Year 1899 From behind the brain the dark, one of Netflix’s biggest hits, debuted on the streaming service after becoming one of the most anticipated shows on the platform. The program is a multilingual German serial with actors from different backgrounds who speak different languages, with interests shining from different areas of the audience.

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Consequently, it is not surprising that members of the cast are easily recognized by fans due to their previous appearances in other projects. Year 1899. Artist of Year 1899 Having showcased their talents across a wide range of genres from critically acclaimed drama comedies to action horror, they are applying their talents to their latest joint production.

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Emily Beecham – ‘The Pursuit of Love’ (2021 – )


Before playing Maura Franklin, a neurologist and one of the first female doctors in Britain who immigrated to America on her own. Year 1899, Emily Beecham Played in a romance drama TV miniseries, Searching for love on which it is based Nancy Mitford[1945कोसमाननामकोउपन्यास।

यो कथानक युरोपमा दुई विश्वयुद्धको बीचमा लिन्छ र उज्यालो, साहसी लिन्डा रेडलेटको शोषणको वरिपरि घुम्छ (लिली जेम्स) र उनको सबैभन्दा मिल्ने साथी र चचेरे भाई फनी लोगान (बिचम)। यो शो एक परिष्कृत, परिष्कृत आगमनको कथा भएकोले प्रशंसा गरिएको छ, समाजले भन्दा बढी चाहने साहस गर्ने युवा महिलाहरूका लागि एउटा रमाइलो प्रेम पत्र, उनीहरूलाई त्यो बेला वा अहिले अनुमति छ।

एमिली बिचम – ‘इनटू द ब्याडल्याण्ड्स’ (2015 – 2019)

Badlands-0-160215 (1)

Fans may also find Beecham familiar as she has been featured in several popular projects such as AMC’s. In the Badlands. The series takes place 500 years in the future when a war has destroyed the entire planet. There exists The Barons, a group of seven men and women who each rule a portion of the Badlands, a region of former North American states, and command armies of deadly fighters known as the Clippers.

The show centers on a warrior named Sunny (Daniel Wu) and a young boy, MK (Aramis Knight) who travel together through the Badlands in search of wisdom. Beecham portrays Minerva, often referred to as The Widow, the last baron of the Badlands and a skilled martial artist.

Emily Beecham – ‘Daphne’ (2017)

daphne_film (1)

Beacham is also a popular face in the comedy-drama genre for which she once appeared DaphneA film by Peter Mackie Burns. The film follows the title character, 31, and a Londoner who is at a crossroads in his life. Then one evening, a startling event slowly but steadily forces him to confront this existential limbo and take a closer look at the person he has become.

Daphne Considered an interesting character study case and with Beecham’s nuanced and complex performance as the character, this is a rare presentation that fans don’t often see on TV.

Aneurin Barnard – ‘Barkskins’ (2020 – )

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In 1899, before appearing as a mysterious man later identified as Daniel Solace who rode the Kerberos and seductively approached Maura Franklin, Aneurin Barnard Featured as Hudson’s Bay Company agent Hamish Gomez in a historical drama TV show, Barkskins.

Based on Anne ProulxThe Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, Barkskins New France of the late 1600s follows a diverse collection of outcasts as they struggle to survive the harsh challenges, conflicting goals, and complicated loyalties at the crossroads of civilization. Although critics did not praise the show well, fans should still watch it because it is one of the best sci-fi series about climate change.

Aneurin Barnard – ‘Dunkirk’ (2017)

aneurin-barnard-e1507882192899 (1)

Before all that, Bernard also appeared Christopher Nolanthe blockbuster, Dunkirk As Gibson in 2017, as a soldier, who was first introduced during a burial. Dunkirk Written, directed and produced by Nolan, this war film portrays the Dunkirk evacuation during World War II from the perspective of land, sea and air.

The film is considered the most important Dunkirk film to date and is the result of Nolan’s remarkable tribute to the survivors and the immense sacrifice of the British people. The film underlines the value of perseverance even in the most hopeless situations, even when all seems lost, and defends the war of unsung heroes.

Andreas Pietschmann – ‘Dark’ (2017 – 2020)

82644_video_iconframe (1)

Andreas Pietschmann Having previously worked with the creators of 1899, Baran Bo oder and Jantje FreezeIn your final project, the darkBefore his last appearance in Year 1899 As Eyk Larsen, the ship’s weather captain. Pietschmann portrayed a character called “The Stranger”. the dark.

the dark is a German sci-fi TV show set after the disappearance of a child, the story follows the inhabitants of the fictional German community of Winden as they search for the truth. They investigate the relationships between four separate families to understand a dark, multigenerational time travel scheme. Dark is one of the best time-travel shows and is widely respected by both fans and critics.

Miguel Bernardeau – ‘Elite’ (2018 – )

guzman-elite-1030676 (1)

in Year 1899, Miguel Bernardo played a wealthy Spaniard named Angel, who traveled with a suspicious-looking priest. Before that, he gained fame for playing successful student Guzmán Nuñez Osuna in the Spanish teen drama television series. noble.

The series is set in a fictional elite high school, Las Encinas, and follows the relationships between students admitted through a scholarship program and three teenage transfer students. However noble While examining teen drama clichés, it also addresses more contemporary topics and shows many angles to these tropes. noble It received favorable reviews from critics, many of whom praised the series’ script, acting, and portrayal of mature themes and referred to it as a “guilty pleasure”.

Ian Gale – ‘Salome’ (2021)


Yan Gale Jerome, had participated in various productions before playing the French stowaway Year 1899One of which is Salum. Salum is a horror-thriller made in Senegal and directed by a Congolese filmmaker Jean Luc Herbulot. The movie focuses on the Banguis hyenas, an elite group of mercenaries who rescue a drug lord and his gold brick during the 2003 uprising in Guinea-Bissau. Gayle portrayed Chaka, the leader of the band.

Salum is a genre-defying masterpiece that deftly combines a revenge tale with horror, action and Western elements. Moreover, the talent of Salum The background, director and cinematography as much as the characters make it one of the must watch movies of 2021.

Mathilde Olivier – ‘Overlord’ (2018)

012034_1280x720_609151_057 (1)

Mathilde Olivier Previously, the 2018 film featured French national Chloe Laurent helping stranded paratroopers. overlordBefore playing Clemence, a young woman from the Parisian aristocracy, her newly wed husband Lucien (Jonas Blokett) on the latest Netflix mystery horror show.

overlord is an action horror film directed by Julius Avery and revolves around several American soldiers who are thrown behind enemy lines on the eve of D-Day and come across horrific Nazi experiments. overlord A humorous supernatural military film with great action and even better looking bloody corpses that will definitely satisfy the action horror needs of the audience.

Lucas Lingard Tonessen and Clara Roesger – ‘The Rain’ (2018 – 2020)

E0t3wlWWEAUVdHk (1)

Year 1899 This is not the first project Lucas Lynggaard Tønnesenwho played Krester, a young Danish man with a mysterious scar on his face, and Clara Roger, who portrayed his older pregnant sister Tove, have worked together. Before their appearance on Netflix’s latest hit, the two appeared once the rain.

the rain is a Danish post-apocalyptic TV series set six years after a terrible disease spread by rain has wiped out almost everyone in Scandinavia. The show follows Simon (Alba August) and Rasmus (Tonnesen) are two Danish siblings, who take refuge in a bunker and appear for their scientist father after 6 years. Rosager later appeared on the show in season 2 as Sarah, Rasmus’ first victim who is later revived after contracting the disease.

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