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According to this The Hollywood ReporterWarner Bros. Who is developing the reboot Ocean’s Eleven The franchise is set to produce and star alongside Margot Robbie. With Jay Roach on board to direct and Cary Solomon providing the script, New of the ocean The film is a prequel set in 1960s Europe. The film is primed to become box office gold, as Robbie is a beloved A-lister and everyone loves a good high-stakes heist film.

A gun-toting Jason Statham hit from a cash truck Man’s Wrath On the job of infiltrating a zombie-infested Las Vegas Army of the DeadSome movie thieves have the odds stacked against them.

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Triple Frontier (2019)

of Netflix Triple Frontier A powerful parable about the effects of greed. Some ex-soldiers team up to steal a fortune from a drug lord, but it costs them almost everything when they refuse to give up any cash. Money weighs down the helicopter, so they load as much as they can onto the backs of mules and embark on a treacherous journey through the jungle.

When they stumble upon a drug lord’s reinforcements, they have to throw most of their money into a ditch and the survivors decide to give what little remains of the score to their dead friend’s family.

Fast Five (2011)

as Fast and Furious As the series progressed, the films left behind the outlaw street racing that defined the early entries and became a straightforward action film franchise. fifth installment, Fast Fiveis a heist movie that takes the action overseas to Brazil.

Dom and Brian assemble a crew for a heist. Instead of entering the vault, they drive the vault out of the building with a pair of sports cars and drag it through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, closely followed by the police.

Wrath of Man (2021)

Jason Statham reunites with Guy Ritchie for a visceral action thriller Man’s Wrath In 2021. Statham plays a cash truck driver whose gun skills are called into question when he effortlessly dispatches a team of robbers trying to get the cash he’s carrying.

As it turns out, he’s a crime boss looking for the cash truck robbers who killed his son. Robbing a cash truck is dangerous enough without a gun-toting Statham eagerly waiting for a weapon.

Killing The Softly (2012)

A decade before he ran into controversy with his fictional Marilyn Monroe biopic blondeWriter-director Andrew Dominik satirizes the Great Recession with his blood-soaked crime thriller. killing them softlyStarring Brad Pitt and James Gandolfini as a pair of mob hitmen.

The film explores the dire consequences of a few small-time crooks who make the grave mistake of robbing a mafia poker game run by a notorious gangster played by Ray Liotta.

Ant-Man (2015)

Every movie released by Marvel Studios is a superhero movie, but the MCU has explored different genre frameworks. Marvel has dabbled in space operas, conspiracy thrillers, and high school comedies. with Ant-ManThe studio tried its hand at a high-tech heist movie.

Hank Pym wants his shrink technology back from cold-blooded supervillain Darren Cross, who wants to build a small army, so he sends a shrink Scott Lang into the Ant-Man suit’s fortified office building to extract the Yellow Jacket suit.

The Usual Suspects (1995)

A chance meeting of five men in a police lineup eventually leads to a fatal shootout on a boat. The usual suspects. The entire story is relayed by the sole survivor, Verbal Kint, one of the most iconic unreliable narrators in cinema.

Kint may or may not be the real identity of “Keyser Söze”, the mysterious crime boss he claims was working for everyone who hurt the deceased.

Army of the Dead (2021)

Flying into Las Vegas, infiltrating a high-security facility, and breaking into a wealthy magnate’s vault would be a daring endeavor on the best of days. But on Zack Snyder Army of the DeadThe crew tries to rob it while Sin City is overrun by hordes of the undead.

in zombies Army of the Dead Not the regular zombies seen in George A. Romero movies; They are divided into two tribes: “The Shamblers,” who are much like shuffling Romero zombies, and “The Alphas,” who can think and reason and act like a pack of wolves.

Drawn in Concrete (2018)

of S. Craig Zahler The concrete was pulled across The heist film puts a unique spin on the formula as some criminals team up to rob a bank and a couple – suspended after video footage of police brutality goes viral – conspires to steal the loot from them.

As the getaway drivers fend off the thieves, and the lawless cops turn on the getaway drivers, nearly everyone ends up dead in the final act. The concrete was pulled across.

summer (1995)

of Michael Mann summer One of the most exciting crime movies ever made. Its three-hour runtime flies by as Al Pacino’s narrow-minded LAPD detective Vincent Hanna relentlessly pursues Robert De Niro’s career criminal Neil McCauley.

When McCauley’s crew sets out to pull off a bank robbery, Hanna and her backup are waiting for them. What follows is one of the most intense shootouts in film history.

Mission: Impossible (1996)

An iconic image that defines Mission Impossible The franchise features Tom Cruise dangling from a set of wires from the ceiling to access vital information on a heavily guarded CIA computer, bypassing the complex laser system used to protect the room from intruders.

The floor is so sensitive to touch that IMF agent Ethan Hunt cannot let a bead of sweat drip from his forehead or it will trigger the alarm system.

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