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menu It centers around fine dining and art (or, as it happens, the decay of art). Each great dish makes the audience wish they were trying to eat the lovely meal: in more ways than one, as Anya Taylor-Joy’s Margot discovers as dinner gets underway. Once it releases outside the theatres, it should be enjoyed with some food.

On the other hand, there are movies at the exact opposite end of the spectrum: viewers who try to eat these movies, filled with everything from gore to vomit to scary sounds, will struggle to hold onto their lunch. What is the biggest test of a viewer’s cast-iron stomach?

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Braindead (1992)

Dead Alive's mowing scene

As of 2013 evil dead The remake’s climactic chainsaw scene pulled it off, Peter Jackson’s Braindead (Dead Alive for New Zealand) held the world record for the most fake blood used in a film production. It’s filled with ridiculous levels of gore, but the worst scene is the one in which the zombifying Vera tries to host a meal.

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“Don’t eat custard while watching,” advises Redditor Bvaugh, and for good reason. The zombies are being torn apart trying to eat, and when Vera’s ear falls into the custard bowl, someone squishes it with the rest of her spoon.

The Lost Boys (1987)

Jason Patrick in The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys Not a gross-out film. But there was one particular scene that Redditor andreeeeeaaaaaa wished they hadn’t shared the vampire’s dinner order. When David initiates the human Michael into the gang, he hypnotizes him by watching him eat noodles and rice as squirming insects and maggots, so that when he actually lets Michael drink his own blood, Michael thinks it’s another trick and downs the bottle. .

It is better not to eat rice and noodles after watching this scene or for dinner. At the very least, if someone tries to eat during one of those dark teen movies it would be difficult to examine the food closely to make sure it’s not all gone.

The Fly (1986)

Seth Brundle in the midst of his transformation into The Fly

Like many good David Cronenberg movies, Fly Centers around the fear of being trapped in an irrevocably abusive body, Dr. Seth Brundle accidentally merged his DNA with that of a fly and quickly turned into a giant worm, which suggests.

In one memorable scene, Seth shows his terrified girlfriend Veronica the changes, including the thick acid he burps in his food to digest instead of chewing and swallowing. Redditor nyquill81 attests that it “made [them] gag,” to which vampirebloodgod1991 laments, “Tell me about it. It took me days to work up the courage to eat donuts again after that scene!”

Raw (2016)

Raw movie poster

raw It’s a movie that’s often mentioned to avoid when eating, which is understandable. But funnily enough, it wasn’t just the title’s rampant cannibalism that turned redditors like GeekHaven-88 and Particular-Buy-8940 (who braved the film twice while eating!) into this infamous French film.

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Although ex-vegan Justine cuts up everyone from her boyfriend to her sister, it’s a scene that doesn’t involve much meat that’s quick to induce vomiting. In addition to the meat, Justine is also forced to eat her own hair, and the “careball scene” where she coughs and chokes has many viewers losing their lunch.

Hostel (2005)

Jay Hernandez at the hostel

While the film that helped put Eli Roth on the map is held by its social commentary on Americans’ attitudes toward foreign countries and the way the wealthy view the lower classes as dehumanizing and thrilling. dormitory Always best known for graphic scenes of torture.

When quoting Redditor AtlantaBoyz “That in the View”. dormitory Most disgustingly, no one else knows what they mean: there are so many worthy alternatives! TheLucidBard argues that it should be the “eyeball scene”, in which Kana’s eyeball burns out and Paxton cuts the nerve, while JackThomas counters that the scene where Josh’s Achilles tendon is cut should be the winner.

Society (1989)

A man and a deformed creature in society

Society It’s a decidedly odd little film satirizing the upper classes of Beverly Hills and satirizing the concept of “good breeding” favored by the aristocracy. Billy, the son of a wealthy family, is not only among his friends, but is afraid that people are out to get him. He’s right: in this movie, the rich literally feed off the lower class.

As Redditor Full-Pause-5475 points out, viewers may want to skip lunch before watching the infamous “shunting” scene, an uncomfortably long sequence in which all of society’s finest get together in hideous orange bodysuits, and on top. At night, swallow the poor boy who fell for them right before Billy’s eyes.

Swallow (2019)

Hunter grabs a screw in the kitchen

Anyone who is susceptible should avoid choking, gagging, or swallowing non-food items. swallows Because those three things are basically the entire movie. Due to childhood trauma and stress from her controlling husband and father-in-law, the recently pregnant Hunter develops pica, a condition in which a person is compelled to swallow inedible things.

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True to his name, Hunter can’t stop himself from finding and swallowing dangerous objects, requiring surgery to remove them. Redditor just_a_ghost_2 hadn’t even seen the film before deciding that just the concept “makes it.” [them] Think about it [they] You can’t eat anything if you look at it.”

City of the Living Dead (1980)

Cover art from City of the Living Dead

Lucio Fulci has directed some of the goriest Italian horror films ever made, and City of the Living Dead There are many highly ranked. Redditor StinkingDylan cites it as “the only film that ever made it [them] throw up,” and spurist9116 warns, “avoid eating during the makeout point scene!”

The scene in question shows two parking teenage girls haunted by the ghost of Father Thomas. The girl, Emily, is frozen in a trance: her eyes begin to bleed, and all her organs are constantly coming out of her mouth. Although he’s not actively throwing them, the expulsion comes with all the requisite retching noises.

The Audition (1999)

Ehi Shina as Asami at the audition

This gem of Japanese horror is quite the slow burner. It will take a while for its true horror to hit, but when it does, like Redditor WalkWithElias69, viewers will want to use the barf bag. Or maybe a bowl, if they’re anything like Asami Yamazaki.

If they get past the scene in which Asami, one of the terrifying female villains, feeds her own vomit to her captive ex-boyfriend, then they still have the last ten minutes. When Asami learns that her partner Oyama loves someone she’s not (specifically her son), she drugs him and tortures him with needles and sharp piano wire in a long and intense scene that tests the nerves of even the most die-hard horror fans.

The Human Centipede (2009)

A deformed woman in The Human Centipede

No list about vomit-inducingly gross films would be complete without a mention of this franchise: Redditor Bask82’s comment that it’s “not really appetite-inducing” is deceptively mild. While the sequels exist to do as many disgusting things as openly possible, it’s the original that everyone remembers for its premise.

The first film Dr. Centers around Hayter’s semi-successful creation of a “human centipede” with a digestive system, mouth-to-anus sewn together with three captives. Redditor PandaMayFire lamented that they were “eating pudding for the first time [they were] Looking.” Let’s hope it wasn’t chocolate.

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