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With Halloween comes one of the most important traditions of all: watching horror movies. Horror films not only offer scary and scary scenes, but they also give the audience an interesting insight into the human psyche. However, there are many people who are not afraid of watching movies.

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There are still plenty of Halloween movies for non-horror fans to feel the dread. Although they deal with monsters, witches and magic, most Halloween movies are not scary. In fact, some of them are funny and comforting. They entertain audiences of all ages who prefer not to be scared on Halloween.

10/10 Hotel Transylvania has four installments for the whole family

Created by Todd Durham, Hotel Transylvania is a successful animated franchise that follows Jonathan, a man who stumbles upon a monstrous Plaza Hotel where classic monsters go to rest. After falling in love with Dracula’s daughter Mavis, Jonathan becomes a beloved part of this curious group.

With the voices of Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez and Adam Sandler, Hotel Transylvania The saga is perfect for a family Halloween marathon. from Hotel Transylvania who Hotel Transylvania: TransformaniaThese movies will entertain both adults and children.

9/10 Beetlejuice is a dark comedy

An all-time classic, by Tim Burton Beetle juice Tells the story of Adam and Barbara, a pair of demons who hire a “bio-exorcist” named Betelgeuse. They hire him to scare the new owners of their old home so they can get through the complicated bureaucracy of the afterlife.

Beetle juice A dark comedy that takes tropes from horror movies, such as haunted houses, ghosts, and possessions, but turns them into something funny. Beetle juice A great choice for audiences who love the Halloween vibe, but can’t take it too seriously or it will scare them.

8/10 Coraline is scary enough, but healthy in the end

After Coraline Jones stumbles upon a doll that looks just like her, she is transported to a parallel universe where everyone has buttons for eyes. Here, she encounters a more loving version of her workaholic parents who try to convince her to stay. Unfortunately, when Coraline refuses, these doppelgängers reveal their true intentions.

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Coraline There are some scary moments and it’s pretty scary for a kids movie. However, the animated film is perfect for those who don’t enjoy horror movies. From moral lessons to wholesome ends, Coraline Its audience won’t be intimidated, but they will appreciate its stop-motion technique.

7/10 Hocus Pocus is an autumn must see

Starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Nazimi Hocus Pocus Winifred, as Sarah and Mary Sanderson, three Salem witches who were mistakenly resurrected in the mid-90s. As the sisters must suck the life of a child before sunrise to avoid their deaths, a race ensues between them and the children who resurrect them.

Hocus Pocus A Halloween fan-favorite. This film is the perfect choice for those who don’t want Halloween scary but want to enjoy the relaxation of October. From its sequel, Hocus Pocus 2was premiered in September 2022, a mini Halloween Hocus Pocus A marathon is possible.

6/10 Audiences can enjoy a raunchy comedy with Rocky Horror Picture Show

An incredible musical film with a huge cult following, Rocky Horror Picture Show Dr. Through Frank N. Furter’s story, he parodies horror and science fiction films at night, creating Rocky the perfect man. in time Rocky Horror Picture ShowFrank and his minions toy with Brad and Janet, a clueless couple who need a place to live.

Because it touches on mature themes, Rocky Horror Picture Show Not a children’s movie. The musical offers quirky yet haunting moments, incredible performances by Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon, and songs that won’t leave audiences’ minds for weeks.

5/10 Gremlins make monsters fun

When Billy receives a mogwai named Gizmo for Christmas, he fails to follow three basic rules to keep him at bay: don’t expose it to sunlight, don’t let it come in contact with water, and never feed it after midnight. This causes his new pet to multiply into more violent creatures wreaking havoc around his town.

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GremlinsBy Joe Dante and Chris Columbus, Monster Attack is a lighter approach to the movie. While it would be a tense event and a nightmare in other movies, Gizmo’s antics bring fun and wholesome moments from start to finish.

4/10 Music fans will love the spooky little shop

In an attempt to save Mushnik’s flower shop, a florist named Seymour shows his shop an unusual Chinese plant named Audrey II. When he discovers that the plant needs blood to survive, they make a deal: if he gets her food, he will grant her the confidence to hide her crush, Audrey. Soon, Seymour discovers that Audrey loves him again, but things get complicated with Audrey II.

A little shop of horrors, which starred Rick Moranis and Ellen Greene, is a strange but entertaining watch. Although this is a good Halloween film, it is far from scary. instead, A little shop of horrors A love story, an alien story, and a quality camp musical all rolled into one package that ’80s fans will love.

3/10 The Witches has two incredible versions available

Based on the book by Roald Dahl, witches Centers on Charlie Hansen, a child who stumbles upon a witch convention while vacationing at the beach with his grandmother Agatha. When Charlie learns that the witches will turn all the children into rats, he devises a plan with his new friend, Bruno Jenkins, to stop them.

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witches There are scary moments like the witch’s transformation sequence, but it’s actually a wholesome family story that comes from the mind of the author. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda. witches A great choice to watch with audiences of all ages. Fans can choose whether they want to watch the 90s version with Anjelica Huston or the 2020 version with Anne Hathaway.

2/10 What we do in the shadows is absurdly funny

Directed and written by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, What we do in the shadows is a comedy film that follows four vampires, Viago, Vladislav, Deacon and Petyr, who share a flat in Wellington. The film focuses on their daily lives, mostly after they turn another man, Nick, into a vampire.

What we do in the shadows Vampires throughout history are satires of clichés. It takes inspiration from famous vampire movies Nosferatu and Dracula To create a funny but funny story. The audience will be too busy laughing with fear.

1/10 Craft is basically what Halloween means to girls

The Craft, by Andrew Fleming and Peter Filardi, tells the story of Sarah, Bonnie, Nancy, and Rochelle, four teenagers who form a coven. As they use magic to solve their teenage problems, the girls lose control and turn against each other.

Although it’s a little scarier than other non-horror Halloween films, The Craft Often a coming-of-age story with an extraordinary twist. The Craft A fun dark teen comedy, like greedy girls or Take revengeBut with the witch element.

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