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New Netflix release, the stranger, is the latest to join a long line of great crime films to emerge from Australia. The plot is based on a real-life murder case (although the actual details of the crime are never mentioned) and Mark Frame (Joel Edgerton), a police officer on an undercover job. He befriends Henry Teague (Sean Harris), the prime suspect in a child kidnapping case, and finds himself plunging deeper into the darkness as he searches for the truth.

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Australia has many true-crime stories when it comes to storytelling. Some of the country’s best movies are based on these cases, while other classic movies deal with fictional crimes. With positive buzz around the strangerIt will go down as one of Australia’s best crime films.

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‘Animal Kingdom’ (2010)

Ben Mendelson and Joel Edgerton in Animal Kingdom
Image via Sony Pictures Classics

One of the best Australian movies of 2010, animal kingdom, helped launch his career Jackie Weaver, Ben Mendelsonand Joel Edgerton In Hollywood. The movie revolves around Kishore Jay (Jay).James Frecheville), who moves in with his delinquent grandmother and uncles after losing his mother. As J grows closer to his new family, he becomes more drawn into their dark lifestyle, with potentially fatal consequences.

Weaver received an Academy Award nomination for her performance, while the American version was adapted for television in 2016 and ran for six seasons.

‘Snowtown’ (2011)

A man with a shaved head

Based on the true “Bodies in Barrels” that shocked Australia, Snowtown follows troubled teenager Jamie (Lucas Pittaway), who meets her mother’s new boyfriend, John (Daniel Hensel). As John becomes Jamie’s father, he makes the teenager an accomplice in the homophobic murders he commits.

As one of the country’s most notorious murders, Snowtown Adaptation will always be challenging. Director Justin Kurzel manages to bring the story to the screen without falling into exploitation, resulting in one of the most underrated true-crime films as it explores its serious subject matter.

Snowtown Available to stream on Tubi.

‘Two Hands’ (1999)

Heath Ledger in two hands

When 19-year-old bouncer Jimmy (Heath Ledger(Gets job from crime boss Pando) (Brian Brown), this seems like his chance to work his way up the criminal ladder. It all goes wrong, however, when a package Jimmy is delivering is stolen, leaving him $10,000 in debt to his angry employer.

Jimmy asked Alex (Rose Burn). Less serious than other crime films, due to the added dose of humor. two hands It’s a great showcase for Ledger’s talent, as the movie helped launch both his and Burn’s careers.

‘The Dry’ (2020)

Eric Bana on Dry

Based on the bestselling novel by Jane Harper, dry the stars Eric Bana As Aaron Folk, a police officer who returns to his hometown to attend the funeral of his best friend and his family. While there, Folk begins to suspect that the case may not be a simple murder-suicide and sets out to uncover the truth.

While dry Acting like a classic slow-burn mystery, it uses its Australian outback setting to create an oppressive atmosphere as the characters sweat in the harsh heat. The inevitable threat of bushfires in a small, dying town is another element that heightens the tension in this solid crime thriller.

dry Available to stream on Showtime.

‘Nitram’ (2021)

Caleb Landry Jones at Nitrum

Another true-crime adaptation from Snowtown Director Justin Kurzel, regular Explores the psyche of the perpetrator behind the heinous Port Arthur massacre. Caleb Landry Jones Socially awkward Nitram is exceptional, as the film charts his life in the days leading up to his crime that changed Australia’s gun laws forever.

regular The still raw nature of the crime proved controversial on release, but by focusing on the perpetrator and not the crime, Kurzel manages to avoid glorifying the massacre. Jones is supported by a terrific cast that includes Judy Davis, Anthony LaPagliaand Essie Davis In a career best performance.

regular Available to stream on Hulu and AMC+.

‘The Secret Way’ (2013)

A man aiming a handgun

When a tribal girl is murdered and dumped by the side of the road, tribal detective Jay Swan (Aaron Pederson) takes the case. As Hans tries to solve the crime, he faces constant resistance as no one else seems interested in the fate of the tribal girl, forcing him to investigate alone.

Incorporating neo-western elements with its outback setting, Mystery Road A compelling crime mystery as it tackles the racism that still haunts Australia. The film proved so popular that a sequel was produced, while a television series After The Swan also recently aired its third season.

Mystery Road Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Tubi.

‘Romper Stomper’ (1992)

Two neo-Nazis and a woman

A kick started role Russell Crowecareer, romper stomper, Crowe stars as Hando, a neo-Nazi gang leader. As the youth gang terrorizes and brutalizes the Asian community living in their Australian suburb, Hando begins a relationship with junkie Gabrielle (Jacqueline McKenzie).

Controversial due to its focus on real-world racism and violence, Romper Stomper remains one of Australia’s must-see films. Crowe excels in the lead role, creating a terrifying character that paves the way for the powerful performance he delivers.

Romper Stomper Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and Tubi.

‘The Boys’ (1998)

Toni Collette and David Wenham in Boys

Based on a shocking true murder case, the boys the stars David Wenham Brett Sprague, as a recently released convict. He reunites with his mother, his girlfriend Michelle (Toni Collette), and his two younger brothers, and after drinking with his siblings, all three commit heinous crimes.

Playing Brett proved to be a breakout role for Wenham, and he will play the title role. The Lord of the Rings and Iron Fist. Meanwhile, Collette has gone on to have an extensive career and has become one of the best working actresses today.

‘Helicopter’ (2000)

A man drinking at a bar

Based on the life of a legendary Australian outlaw Mark read “Helicopter”., helicopter Eric Bana sees himself playing a larger-than-life character. The film follows the helicopter’s life in and out of prison, including the infamous incident where he cut off his ear to transfer to another wing to avoid an attack.

during the helicopterThe release of, Bana was known for his comedy performances, and his roles in sketch comedy series Full frontal Part brought him. When he incorporated some humor into the performance, it paved the way for more dramatic roles and his ascent in Hollywood.

‘Lantana’ (2001)

A married couple is sleeping together in bed

Beginning with the corpse of an unknown woman in the woods Lantana Goes back several days to explore the events leading up to the crime. Police detective Leon (Anthony LaPaglia) is married to a wife who loves him, but he cheats on her with a woman from his weekly dance class, while the film explores the dynamics of several other characters as their lives intersect.

While there is a possible assassination in the center Lantana, the film is more interested in its characters and centers them through themes of grief, betrayal, and, ultimately, forgiveness. It features an ensemble cast of some of Australia’s finest, and they all bring their unique characters to life in this complex drama.

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