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Movies have a time-honored tradition of subverting audience expectations with shocking twist endings, many of which put a new spin on the movie. Although twist endings can often prove as divisive as they are spectacular, some of the best movies ever made are known for their twists. M. Creators like Night Shyamalan and, to a lesser extent, Christopher Nolan have built careers out of unexpected twist endings.

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The best twists are the ones that completely change the experience of a second viewing, so that the audience can watch a different movie knowing about the lighting. Because of the rise of twist endings, many audiences often go into films—especially thrillers—expecting a twist, anticipating what it might be. In fact, many of the film’s most memorable and intelligent plot developments have been unexpected twists.

10/10 Scream 3 ties in well with the first movie

Scream 3 Roman

The Scream series certainly has its highs and lows, and one of the running themes in the story is new and unexpected revelations. Scream 3 sees Sydney and her friends navigating the Hollywood scene after an actress involved in a stab movie is killed.

The film introduces several new characters to the story, including the cast of the stab and those involved in its funding. While Sydney and her friends are sure they know who’s responsible, the plot takes a truly surprising turn when it’s revealed that the killer is Sydney’s secret half-brother.

9/10 Saw’s Big Reveal made the movie just plain scary

the jigsaw

Like watched As the story unfolds, fans see two men chained in a room, with a dead body in the middle and an escape key in his body. It soon becomes clear to the men that they have only one way out, and must play the bloody game set up by their mysterious captor.

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At the end of the story, the audience was shocked when the dead body was revealed to be Karni standing alive. The spin on the horror gore-fest sub-genre turned Saw into a mega-hit franchise within its genre, leading to numerous sequels and spin-offs.

8/10 The Village puts its events in an entirely new context

The event takes place at M Night Shyamalan's The Village

M. Ratri Shyamalan the village An interesting idea was to establish an isolated woodland village, with a truce with the forest monsters. The people of the village were to stick to the village, and in return, the monsters living in the forest would not encroach upon them.

For most of its runtime, The Village maintains the illusion of the era in which the audience is led to believe it takes place. However, the closing moments of the film reveal that there are not just monsters, but the existence of a village far removed from society in modern times.

7/10 No Way Out’s shock twist adds unexpected layers to its main character

No Way Out follows a young naval officer at the Pentagon as he becomes involved in investigating the murder of his lover – also the mistress of a prominent politician. Tom Farrell (Kevin Costner) races against time to solve the murder before he is trapped and takes the fall.

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As the audience follows Farrell in what turns out to be a spy story, the film feels like a true case of a good man in the wrong place at the wrong time. But as the film closes, it is revealed that Farrell was a Soviet spy the whole time, despite being innocent of the murder.

6/10 Lucky Number Slevin gives its characters compelling motives at the end

Ben Kingsley 2006 Lucky Number Slavin

Lucky number Slevin After the arrival of a man named Slavin at his friend Nick’s apartment. Almost immediately, Slevin is repeatedly mistaken for Nick by various parties interested in him, and is drawn into a blood feud between two rival crime families.

At the same time, the assassin for hire, Goodcut, is playing two sides against each other for no apparent reason. The film sets itself up to feel like Slavin got a bad case of mistaken identity. But the conclusion of the story shows him being orphaned by the gangs, and the events leading up to him taking his revenge.

5/10 The Usual Suspects becomes a completely different film on rewatch

Criminals line up among the usual suspects

Excellent crime thriller The usual suspects Begins with an explosion on a ship, seemingly related to a criminal conspiracy. After this, the criminal Verbal Kint is caught by the police and recounts the events of the explosion to an officer, who has a clue – the name “Keyser Soz.”

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Kint’s story begins with him and four other criminals coming together in a line-up, where they bond with each other. As he pursues his story, his fellow villains begin to die one by one as they work towards their final score. But in the end, it was revealed that Kint was a shadowy criminal mastermind Keyser Soze all along.

4/10 The reveal of Split as a sequel to Unbreakable was loved by fans

Split James McAvoy (1)

When M. Night Shyamalan released his 2017 film Division – Starring James McAvoy – Audiences went in expecting a fresh thriller with a twist. Shyamalan’s signature film style is to lead the audience through an intense story and leave a trail of breadcrumbs for a twist.

Split did not disappoint Shyamalan fans, though not through story twists but fan service. The otherwise standalone psychological thriller/horror seemed to have run out of its runtime when, in its final minutes, the camera panned around. unbreakable Hero David Dunn.

3/10 Se7en’s conclusion creates one of cinema’s saddest endings

David Mills, John Doe, and Lt. Williams in Se7en

in Se7en, a soon-to-retire jaded cop is paired with a rookie detective to investigate a string of murders related to the Seven Deadly Sins. As the murders approach the seventh and final one, the detectives close in on their killer.

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While searching for their suspect, he arrives surprised and surrenders despite having the upper hand in the case. As he leads the detectives to the last two alleged victims, he uncovers a trap of sorts. The cheater’s wife is revealed to have been killed, and his revenge acts as the ultimate sin – rage.

2/10 The Sixth Sense leaves clues on the way to its big reveal

Bruce Willis as Malcolm Crowe in The Sixth Sense

One of the most famous twists in all of cinema, The Sixth Sense, follows a psychic, Malcolm, and a young boy, Cole, claiming to be able to see the boy die. Malcolm, who doubts Cole’s abilities, tries to understand him, and slowly comes to accept that it is real.

At the end of the film, Malcolm realizes the tragic truth that he was killed at the beginning of the film, and only Cole can see him. The film established Shyamalan’s signature storytelling style and is remembered as one of the greatest plot twists in film history.

1/10 Unbreakable Revelation gave the hero a villain

Eliza Price mopes in a comic shop on Unbreakable

M. Night Shyamalan’s fantastic superhero thriller unbreakable Set up an interesting idea with a more basic vision of what makes a superhero story. It followed the character of David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who survived a train accident.

Don then meets Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), who believes Don has superpowers. The initial friendship between Don and Price is fractious, but seems to have reconciled by the end of the movie. That was, however, until Dawn realized that Price was a criminal—and the supervillain of her story.

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