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The Harry Potter Saga contains some of the most iconic films of the 2000s. Most fans of the franchise grew up with these movies, which came out over a decade. However, as time has passed, Redditers have found things they can improve on Harry Potter.

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Although many of these changes could not be made at the time, as most of the books were not published, some changes would take seconds to incorporate, which fans find particularly offensive. Hopefully, if Harry Potter Whenever movies are rebooted, writers will consider these tips.

10/10 Including more dobby scenes from the books

Dobby the house-elf casting a spell in Harry Potter

Anyone who has read the books knows that Dobby is one of the most important characters Harry Potter. A house-elf is not only one of Harry’s most loyal friends but also an important helping hand to Harry. For example, Dobby was instrumental in helping Harry survive the second act of the Triwizard Tournament, but only appears in the house-elf films.

Redditor Jackets572 comments, “I understand that they were trying to save money on the CGI it takes to do Dobby, but you know the director thought for years ‘Oh, we’ll just let Neville do it, no big deal..'” However, it was a big deal because all these deleted scenes from the books took away from the climactic moment of Dobby’s death. Deathly Hollows: Part 1.

9/10 Adding more to Tom Riddle’s backstory

Young Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets

Sixth though Harry Potter The book is one of the darker ones from the series Half-Blood Prince Movies don’t have the same energy. In a movie that focused primarily on the romantic development of the characters, Dumbledore was left with very little time to properly adapt the memories shown to Harry.

However, fans believe it was a big mistake. As one Redditor explained, “It will not only inform the audience about the life and personality of the main antagonist (…), but also provide in-depth information on Horcruxes.Furthermore, the search for Voldemort’s motivations and fears was one of the central themes of the book and what allowed Harry to find Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

8/10 Altering Voldemort and Harry’s final duel

Lord Voldemort holding Harry Potter's face

While Deathly Hollows: Part 2 Depicting the epic battle between Voldemort and Harry at Hogwarts, the books depict a more toned-down version of this battle. Harry is not one of the strongest wizards harry potter, Although he is very talented for his age. In the books, Harry manages to kill Voldemort not by subduing him, but through a combination of the element of surprise and specific circumstances.

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Fans believe it will show a long and spectacular fight in the end Deathly Hollows: Part 2 removes the story’s central theme: that Harry wins because of his heart and his community, not because of his sheer power. Redditor sineofthetime notes that the conflict should be less seasoned to prove that Harry is “just a regular old wizard”.

7/10 Redditors will draw Voldemort’s corpse

Voldemort dying and wasted

in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, when Harry finally defeats Voldemort after a fierce battle, the dark wizard is easily defeated. This is an eerie adaptation of the scene in the books, where Harry sees Voldemort’s body enter the Great Hall along with all the other bodies.

According to Redditor covmatty1, “In the book, he died as a human, not some kind of weird supernatural thing. “It’s a very significant change, because, at the end of the day, Voldemort was just an ordinary man, even if he thought he could break the laws of nature.

6/10 They will include the character Peeves

Peeves from the Harry Potter books

Peeves the Poltergeist isn’t a main character in the books, but his presence isn’t inevitable either. On top of adding to the magical atmosphere at Hogwarts, Peeves is a recurring character who makes things difficult for everyone in the castle, but he’s also responsible for many fan-favorite pranks. Fans were outraged that the beloved creature was not a part of the movie.

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It is very possible that Harry Potter Movies don’t want to spend money on a character that doesn’t really affect the plot, but it’s often these kinds of small details that really improve the experience for fans. Redditor ciocinanci says, “We must have ‘It opens the other way,’” the funniest interaction between Minerva McGonagall and the Poltergeist.

5/10 They will add more about the Marauders

Marauders in Harry Potter - James Potter, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew

However some of the robbers are Harry Potter Characters who age vulnerable have the most important storylines in the series. However, the movies did them a disservice, as many flashbacks and information about these characters were omitted from the movies.

The Marauders consist of Harry’s father and his best friends, Sirius Black, Remus Lupine, and Peter Pettigrew. Their story is so important that its foundation Prisoner of Azkaban When Harry found out that Peter had cheated on his parents. Understandably, there wasn’t enough screen time, but as Redditor RobbieNewton commented, “They brushed it off completely.

4/10 Redditors will make Harry and Ginny’s relationship even better

Harry and Ginny Kiss in Deathly Hallows Part 1

One of the most criticized elements of the series is that the films are sometimes disconnected from each other, leading to some large plot holes. Harry Potter. This may be because some books were not published at that time or because of a change in direction, but still, the result leaves fans disappointed.

In particular, viewers find Harry and Ginny’s romance strained and forced The Half-Blood Prince Because it wasn’t set in the earlier films. On top of this, many believe that the on-screen chemistry between Daniel Radcliffe and Bonnie Wright is lacking. Redditor anne_with_an_e says that they “Do anything to make it look like there’s a little bit of romantic chemistry between Harry and Ginny.”

3/10 They will design the Hogwarts castle in a more magical way

Hogwarts stairs

The Harry Potter The books place great emphasis on how unique Hogwarts is as a place, and one of the most interesting parts of the school is its structure. From the rooms that appear out of nowhere to the many magical passages to the unexpectedly winding staircases, there is never a dull moment in this place.

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The Harry Potter The movies make a concerted effort to keep it dynamic, but still, fans think that the movies made some mistakes. According to Redditor gatheloc, ladders make no sense because they “All housed in a tall tower covered in every Hogwarts portrait.“Although the vision of the castle may vary from interpretation to interpretation, it is true that there may be more magical elements sprinkled around to make it more interesting.

2/10 They will give Dobby a proper burial

Dobby's death in the Harry Potter movies

Dobby was one of Harry’s best friends and an important part of his life at Hogwarts. In the books, when a house-elf gives his life to save Harry and his friends, Harry makes sure to give him a proper burial. Because it is one of the most emotional moments Harry PotterFans find it insulting that the scene was not portrayed properly.

In the books, Harry buries Dobby in his coat, but in the movie, he uses a plain sheet. On top of that, in the books, Harry and his friends give Dobby a piece of clothing each, as a final gesture to a free house-elf. However, movies don’t include it. Redditor Miniloo expresses how angry this makes them because they already were “[taken] far away [Dobby’s] Playing an important role in the movie.”

1/10 They will add more clues to the following events in the movies

Harry holds the Slytherin Locket Horcrux in Harry Potter.

Fans love seeing little hints or foreshadowing of the story that will be covered later Harry Potter The movies, which happen in the books. Redditor Eagling mentions, for example, “The Locket Horcrux” and “The Vanishing Cabinet,” which are two objects that readers see in the books before they become relevant to the story.

While this would be amazing, it was practically impossible because the franchise’s writers had no idea how important these items would be when making the first few movies. Still, it might be a good time to reboot these movies, or better yet, make a TV show that allows time for all these little details.

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