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When making a horror movie there are certain expectations from the audience that must be considered. If one takes too long to get to the horror elements, they risk boring their audience and losing their interest. The best way to combat this is to show the kill scene at the beginning, a quick burst of adrenaline that sets the stage for what follows, buying the script time to introduce the plot and characters.

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Opening kills have become a staple of the genre, so when a movie opens with someone alone in their house at midnight, the audience knows what they’re in for. Some opening kills are among the most iconic in horror movie history: they often prove to be the most popular parts of their respective films.

The following entries contain spoilers.

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‘Scream’ (1996)

Possibly the most iconic opening scene in horror, the original shout out Teen opens with Casey Baker (Drew BarrymoreHome alone, getting ready to watch a scary movie. When a call from an unknown number turns sinister, Casey finds herself haunted by a masked man with murderous intent.

shout outThe opening scene became a template that every entry in the series would follow Scream 2As memorable as a double homicide in a movie theater. The back and forth between Ghostface and his prey creates a unique dynamic for a terrifying opening. It feels more personal than a helpless victim suddenly killed by a killer or creature he’s never met before.

shout out Available to stream on Paramount+.

‘Halloween’ (1978)

The most influential slasher movie of all time, halloween, It chooses to start not with the victim but with its antagonist. The film opens on Halloween night in 1963, from the killer’s POV, watching a woman and her boyfriend on a couch.

Soon, the hunter throws a kitchen knife at the screaming teenager, revealing him to be a young boy named Michael, kicking off his endless fury. Putting the audience in the killer’s shoes gives a glimpse into the mind of one of cinema’s most notorious villains, who would massacre dozens of people over four decades of films.

Halloween Available to stream on Shudder and AMC+.

‘Jaws’ (1975)

Forget about the rest of the movie; Opening of Badgaro Enough to put anyone off the ocean forever. A world free to enjoy the beach Badgaro Still existing, Chrissy decides to thin-dive. While enjoying her solitary swim, she begins to sense a presence lurking in the ocean beneath her.

what makes Badgaro So effective is the fact that its killer great white shark stays off screen for so long, building an almost unbearable sense of tension. This is best exemplified in Chrissy’s death, although we never see the creature bite her. Susan BackliniPerformance of and Stephen Spielberg‘s direction reveals everything we need to know about the horror scene.

Badgaro Available to stream on AMC+.

‘Wrong Turn 2: Dead End’ (2007)

One of the most popular straight-to-DVD franchises of the 2000s and 2010s, wrong mode The series has hit its stride Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. When a reality television series decides to film in the backwoods from the first movie, the cast and crew soon become victims of the innate cannibals that live there.

Opening with a cast member Kimberly Caldwell Driving to the shooting, ex American Idol The contestant accidentally ran over a local. Trying to revive her, her well-intentioned efforts result in her lip being cut before she is split in half by an axe. The gloriously gory kill perfectly sets the tone for this slasher sequel and remains one of the best deaths in the franchise.

‘Ghost Ship’ (2002)

This supernatural film from the early 2000s is often overlooked these days, and for good reason, the film is unforgettable. A cast of saviors including the likes of When Karl Urban and Juliana MarguliesDiscovers an abandoned cruise ship, they discover a terrible secret kept inside.

The highlight of ghost ship Its inauguration. Beginning with flashbacks to the ship’s heyday in the 1960s, the cruise’s nightly festivities are ruined when a miscreant drops a wire cable and slices into the crowd. young girl (Emily Browning) is the lone survivor as she watches the travelers around her being literally torn to pieces.

‘The Collection’ (2012)

the collector was already notoriously grizzly, so when it came time to create a sequel, the creators Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton They knew they had to increase the bloodshed. Cue the nightclub carnage, where an assortment of traps emerge from the roof and walls, and create crimson carnage as clubs are split, crushed and reduced to mush.

Worked at Dunstan and Melton seenseries, and the influence of that franchise is felt as new traps pop out to whittle down survivors from each new area. the rest CollectionLike the first film it returns to a stick-and-slash formula, but its opening remains one of the scariest scenes in a long time.

Collection Available to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Tubi.

‘The Cube’ (1997)

One of the weirdest horror movies of the 90s, cube Follows a group of strangers who wake up inside a strange structure. Unable to remember how they got there, each room looks the same as they walk through it, eventually realizing that some contain deadly traps.

predicting seen In seven years, cubeThe impact of that has been felt in the franchise. The movie opens with a man named Alderson alone inside a cube. As he enters the new room, a screeching sound is heard as the man wakes up. Red streaks appear on his skin before he falls to the ground in pieces, caught in a razor wire mesh. This quick sequence does a great job of setting the stage while still following the mystery of what the cube contains.

cube Available to stream on Tubi.

‘Urban Legend’ (1998)

a perfect non-shout out Slasher films emerging from the 90s, Urban legend The title features several memorable death scenes to focus on the mythos. The students of the university including the likes are participating Jared Leto and Michael RosenbaumProvide plenty of entertainment before picking them up.

The film’s strongest death is the opening, where Michelle is driving alone in the rain. While stopping for gas, a terrifying encounter with an attendant sends Michelle on a nighttime spree; The good worker stopped yelling, “There’s someone in the back seat.” The killer soon reveals himself in the back of Michelle’s car, slashing the young woman with an axe.

‘IT’ (2017)

One of the best adaptations Stephen Kingwork of IT Updates the horror story for a new generation. Discovering a creature disguised as a clown named PennywiseBill SkarsgÄrd) is killing the kids in their town, a group of young friends called the Loser Club Band to stop a shape-shifting monster.

The catalyst for the club’s mission is the death of 7-year-old Georgie.Jackson Robert Scott), younger brother of group leader Bill (Jaeden Lieberher). Playing outside alone in the rain, innocent Georgie meets Pennywise hiding in a storm. The demon persuades the boy to his friend before swallowing him.

IT Available to stream on Netflix and HBO Max.

‘Final Destination 2’ (2003)

If you have seen it Final destination 2, then you’ll never look at a log truck the same way again. Just the sight of the rickety vehicle conjures up images of the highway crash from this popular sequel, its opening carnage one of the scariest car scenes ever.

each final destination One begins with a foreshadowing, and part two remains the best. When a log truck pulls its cargo onto a busy highway, fallen tree trunks crash into the cars behind. People are decapitated, crushed and blown off as logs show no mercy, creating one of the most terrifyingly realistic horror scenarios on screen.

Final destination 2 Available to stream on HBO Max.

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