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Steven Spielberg’s films are always nostalgic for the audience, and in his new flick, The Fabelmanns, the audience is getting a chance to experience the childhood of the famous filmmaker. With its love of movies and distinct mid-century style, The Fabelmanns Another in a long line of great movies about nostalgia.

From zinc color film Moonrise StateAs in historical epics Hugo, The Fabelmanns Not the only film to realize its cinematic potential of late. Although many nostalgic films have come and gone, only the best are worth watching after experiencing Spielberg’s latest opus.

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10/10 Matinee (1993)

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Woolsey talks to a boy while a woman watches a matinee

Proving that Spielberg isn’t the only filmmaker of his generation to be inspired by nostalgia, horror icon Joe Dante delivers his own slice of mid-century madness. Matinee. Set in the tense days of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the film follows a schlocky filmmaker who uses real-life terror to drum up interest in his new B-movie.

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John Goodman shines as Woolsey’s William Castle-like character, and the movie is full of early ’60s pop culture staples. like The Fabelmanns The film captures the emotional power of cinema, although it comes from a weaker angle than before.

9/10 Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

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Sam and Suzy looking at the map in Moonrise Kingdom

Often recognized as one of the best films in Wes Anderson’s filmography, Moonrise State The past stands as a love letter that never existed. On an isolated island community somewhere in North America, a pair of rebellious youths shocks the conservative residents when they escape together in a storm.

With all the nostalgic staples of first love and the fun of mid-century popular culture, this movie is a Wes Anderson flick and full of his unique style. opposite The Fabelmanns which is taken from the actual experience of the filmmaker, Moonrise State is a purely fictional story which makes it very relatable for nostalgic viewers of any age.

8/10 Childhood (2014)

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Two children listen to childhood movies while their mother reads them in bed

The Fabelmanns It’s a nostalgic tale drawn from the narrator’s own experiences, but Richard Linklater’s ambitious cinematic experiment childhood An entirely different kind of nostalgia. Shot over a decade, the film follows a young boy as he grows into a young adult.

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Watching the actors age over the years has connected the audience in a way that no movie has been able to duplicate, and the audience is literally watching nostalgia born on screen. Made with Linklater’s distinctly loose narrative structure, childhood is much less than a movie The FabelmannsBut it captures the heart of memory better than any film.

7/10 Fanny and Alexander (1982)

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Fanny and Alexander's two brothers watching from the door

Its epic running time, overshadowed by the Ingmar Bergman classic Fanny and Alexander It is also one of the best autobiographical films of all time. A pair of imaginative young children find their happily ever after interrupted when their recently widowed mother marries a strict man who tries to stifle their creative energy.

Like The Fabelmanns, Bergman puts a healthy dose of himself into the story and there’s even a lengthy section that explores his early fascination with film and theater. Being from a different generation than the likes of Spielberg, Bergman’s autobiographical portrait captures life in the early 20th century, a nice change of pace from the deluge of post-WWII nostalgia movies.

6/10 Licorice Pizza (2021)

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Alana Haim stares into the camera while Cooper Hoffman leans against a licorice pizza car

One of the things that audiences appreciate most about Paul Thomas Anderson’s movies is that no matter what kind of story he’s telling, there’s always something to help with nostalgia. Licorice Pizza Anderson’s homage to the 1970s San Fernando Valley and follows an upstart teenager who partners with a young woman as they both try to find their places in the world.

Weaving in key historical moments such as gas shortages, Licorice Pizza Establishes a world that feels real and lived by its characters. like Fabelmans, There is a fair amount of cinematic gloss that enhances the romance of the story, however Licorice Pizza Never feels fake or tacky.

5/10 8 1/2 (1963)

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A man walks down a strange hallway from 8 1/2

If there’s one thing Hollywood filmmakers love to tell stories about, and this trend extends outside America to great directors like Federico Fellini. 8 1/2. With his new film in production, an established filmmaker struggles to find a story worth telling while drowning in memories of his past.

Fellini’s style kept him far from making a Spielberg-like glossy flick, however 8 1/2 However, for better or worse the film is about nostalgia. Marcello Mastroianni is wonderful as the tortured director, and it’s not hard to see Fellini’s own thoughts and feelings reflected in the story. The Fabelmanns Could be a more accessible movie, though 8 1/2The impact cannot be overstated.

4/10 Ed Wood (1994)

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Ed stares intently as Ed Wood directs a scene

If The Fabelmanns The story of an obsession gone right, followed by a hilarious biopic Ed Wood is more of an emotional disaster story. The film follows the life of verse writer Ed Wood as he bumbles his way through a series of terrible flop films.

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Despite its comedic tone, Ed Wood The driving passion of the title character can still be seen as uplifting. Old Hollywood is brought to life without all the glitz and glamour, and there’s a real nostalgia for the past. Ed Wood That counter balance Fablemans‘Over-the-top shine.

3/10 Be and Rewind (2008)

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Jack Black in Be Kind Rewind wearing dirt and glasses

While The Fabelmanns is a time capsule of the 1950s, underrated indie comedy Kindly rewind It is a perfect time capsule for the era in which it was made. After accidentally demagnetizing his store’s entire VHS catalog, a slacker and his friend must remake all the movies to satisfy their most loyal tape renter.

The ’00s were a period of great change in the media landscape, and Kindly rewind offered fans a pre-nostalgia trip to an era that was soon disappearing. The choice to set the movie in a video rental store was no accident, and the movie is nostalgic for millennials. The Fabelmanns Spielberg’s is for the boomer generation.

2/10 Cinema Paradiso (1988)

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Young boy watching filmstrip at Cinema Paradiso

Some may say The Fabelmanns The American version of the classic Italian masterpiece Cinema Paradiso, and the comparisons are actually quite apt. Set in war-torn Italy, the film follows a young man who seeks an escape from his harsh life through a local movie house.

The post-WWII setting links the two films together, but the real connection is the overall theme of the uplifting nature of cinema. Proving the power of story in general, the similarities between the two flicks do nothing to detract from each other, and Cinema Paradiso A perfect watch as a double feature with Spielberg’s latest hit.

1/10 Hugo (2011)

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Two children are sitting in Hugo's movie theater

Unusually whimsical for a Martin Scorsese movie, Hugo Time to tip your hat to one of the most important figures in film history. The story follows young Hugo, a boy living in 1930s Paris who is gifted a strange automaton by his dead father.

With the art of cinema as a backdrop, Hugo It has a similar dreamy nostalgic tone The Fabelmanns , and it also brings in historical figures such as Georges Méliès. Although Scorsese was not alive to experience that time, Hugo Think back to the early days of the 20th century when every new piece of technology was magical.

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