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One of life’s great pleasures is food, an influence that movies have no interest in escaping. Some great movies revolve around the pressures and obsessions of the restaurant industry or just one man’s love of cooking. Food is one of humanity’s common constants; Everyone eats.

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Even outside of movies that clearly focus on food preparation, filmmakers feature scenes filled with loving shots of food and eating. Depending on the context and mise-en-scène, food scenes can mean many things. The simple act of eating a steak can humanize larger-than-life characters or establish them as savages through the ways they cut meat.

10/10 The Reservoir Dog’s Dinner scene establishes a false calm


Quentin Tarantino is one of the great voices in modern cinema, establishing himself through a unique method of blending distinctive speech patterns, false sense of security, and violent tension to create vivid cinematic worlds. His first directive, Reservoir dogsIt opens with the film’s cast at a diner, debating Madonna songs and tipping etiquette, all to hide the horror that ensues.

Reservoir dogs Not Tarantino’s most violent film by a long shot. Still, the down-to-earth dinner conversation establishes a false sense of security before the action explodes in the film. The audience is forced to acknowledge the difficulty of judging someone from a brief interaction, which is one of the film’s larger themes.

9/10 Cypher admires the steak and chooses the ministry

Cypher and Smith meet in the Matrix

matrix The sides are filled with iconic imagery, though the label is usually used to describe its action scenes or Laurence Firstborn sitting in a chair. One scene, where the traitor Cypher discusses his goals with the film’s best antagonist, Agent Smith, is a shockingly human look at the film’s secondary villain.

Agent Smith is sitting at a table with Joe Pantoliano’s cipher, while a Resistance member explains his reasoning for betraying his allies. Cypher has fought for a long time, only to learn that he won’t get the girl and that life outside the Matrix will never really be good, even if Zion’s army wins. He just wants to enjoy the steak and not think about it.

8/10 Paddington can warm any heart with marmalade

Paddington 2

There are few films that touch the heart Paddington 2, However, that number is even smaller considering the nature of the subject matter covered in the film. It follows the adventures of Paddington Bear, a CGI bear cub who moves with his family to modern London.

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When Paddington is framed for theft and thrown into an English prison, he must find a way to protect himself from the nefarious criminals who inhabit his new home. He is able to bridge the gap with his recipe for marmalade sandwiches, which with the help of his new friend, the cook, brings a new level of support and kindness to the prison.

7/10 Dancing and milkshakes are the roots of pulp fiction

The milkshake scene from Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction Full of amazing performances. In the film’s iconic milkshake scene, John Travolta’s Jimmy Vega is tasked with showing his boss’ wife, Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace, a good time. The film’s theme of destruction through romance enters Vega’s story in this encounter, over a $5 milkshake.

Vega has just returned from a European tour and, in a story that echoes Lancelot’s betrayal of King Arthur, begins to fall in love with Mia. They bond over the ridiculousness of a milkshake that’s expensive and emotionally sealed the deal through a smooth-as-silk dance routine.

6/10 Lady and the Tramp redefines romance

The Lady and the Tramp

It’s an odd truth, but for many of a particular generation, the early defining romantic image is of two dogs accidentally kissing while eating spaghetti. The Lady and the Tramp It may not be the most famous of the early Disney animated films, but this scene transcends the movie it appears in.

The Lady and the Tramp Tells the story of the forbidden love between Lady, a rich cocker spaniel, and Tramp, a monk who lives on the streets. It’s a testament to the power of animation that this scene works so well, with Tony serenading the canine couple as they eat with his accordion.

5/10 Sally seizes control of Katz’s deli

When-Harry-Met-Sally-Meg-Ryan-Billy-Crystal (1)

When Harry met SallyThe most iconic scene begins as a simple conversation between familiar friends, Harry and Sally. They start with Sally expressing her disdain for Harry’s behavior towards women, but the film’s greatest line, “I’ll have what he has.”

The power of the scene lies in its confrontational tone. Harry is confident in his prowess as a lover, thinking that women are always vocally satisfied by him, but he is also too discreet to use the word “orgasm” audibly. Sally, on the other hand, harnesses all the energy in the room with a loud voice, and publicly proves just how confident a woman can be.

4/10 Harry Potter finds a taste for luxury

Banquet at Hogwarts in Harry Potter

Harry Potter had a difficult life, growing up neglected by his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon Dursley. Although the exact details of his neglect are left to the imagination, there is an implication that he has not been adequately fed, certainly not to the same level as his cousin, Dudley.

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When Harry arrives at Hogwarts Sorcerer’s Stone, he encounters extreme tastes for the first time. Instead of a poor silent child where no one can find him, Harry enters a world where he is clearly the main character. The opening banquet, hosted by Dumbledore himself, is just the beginning of the many gifts given to Harry as he enters a new chapter in his life.

3/10 The most intense scene in Jurassic Park begins with Jello

Jello from Jurassic Park

There are many powerful moments Jurassic Park; Its most tense sequence features its youngest characters, Lex and Tim Murphy, some jello, and a professional chef. In a rare moment of calm after the park’s dinosaurs escape, the children’s safety is threatened by a pack of velociraptors.

In echo of Jurassic ParkThe earlier ‘Shockwave in a Cup of Water’ shot signals the arrival of the T-Rex, where the jello the children eat begins to shake. Lex and Tim have moments of escape in the park’s kitchen, where a deadly game of hide-and-seek begins between the Murphy kids and their ancient predators.

2/10 Denethor eats tomatoes like a monster

Denethor's meal in Return of the King

in Return of the King, All seems lost on Pippin. He hasn’t heard a word from Frodo and Sam since the Uruk-Hai attacked. He is separated from Mary and finds himself in the service of Denethor, Steward of Gondor, father of the late Boromir and all around angry gentleman.

As the forces of Gondor are wasted trying to reclaim the city of Osgiliath, the young hobbit is instructed to sing for the steward while they eat. Reluctantly, Pippin sings “Edge of Night” about missing home. Meanwhile, Denethor absolutely destroys the chicken and lettuce like a wild animal, blood and tomato dripping from his lips and the crack of cartilage echoing in the hall.

1/10 Spirited Away’s Dream Logic begins with Gluttony

Pig dinner from Spirited Away

Enthusiast away, one of Hayao Miyazaki’s greatest films, exists somewhere between dream and reality, its logic informed by ideas rather than logical consequences. It comes with a simple lesson: that greed is destructive to everyone involved, and teaches the lesson of identity throughout its runtime.

Miyazaki begins Enthusiast away With its early lessons in greed, implementing a terrifying transition into its dreamlike world. The film’s protagonist, Chihiro, wanders into an abandoned amusement park with his parents when he is starving. Chihiro is too afraid to eat, but her parents become interested in the mysterious food found in unmanned stalls, soon losing their senses and transforming into literal pigs. Chihiro must fend for herself while paying for her parents’ greed.

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