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Animal movies don’t always end in happy ways. In fact, some animal-based movies can be sad with a happy ending, or they can be happy with a sad ending. The movies that audiences enjoy the most are those that touch their hearts but end on a happy, happy note.

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Movie fans know they’re in for a happy ending when they can walk away from a movie with a smile on their face. In animal-based movies the characters go on their adventures where they face difficult obstacles. They challenge themselves and prove their worth, all while bringing joy to the audience.

10/10 Homeward Bound is a thrilling live-action animal journey

Shadow, chance and sassy standing in the grass

Homeward Bound plays with the emotions of the audience. There are several heart-wrenching scenes that lead the audience to the film’s hilarious conclusion. Homeward Bound is the story of two dogs, Chance and Shadow, and a cat named Sassy, ​​who set out on an adventure to find their family’s new home.

The lead up to the end has viewers believing that not all of the family’s beloved pets have made it to their new homes safely. The final scene reveals the shadow of the man he loves running up the hill. The moment the shadow appears on the screen, the audience can expect to shed tears of joy.

9/10 The Secret Life of Pets is often an amazing experience until it isn’t


The Secret Life of Pets Gives viewers a look inside the lives of their pets. It all seems well and good for Max, until his owner, Katie, comes home with another dog named Duke. Duke takes Max’s once-perfect life and destroys it. All of Duke’s bad choices lead to both being chased by animal control officers.

This adventure leads Max and Duke to fight for their lives. They get trapped, but with the help of some of their newfound friends, they are able to escape the water and return home safely. The Secret Life of Pets It ends on a happy note after the pets return home and adopt a stray bunny, Snowball.

8/10 Beethoven Tugs At The Heartstrings

A St. Bernard named Beethoven, covered in mud in bed.

Beethoven is an animal movie classic. It’s only fitting since it’s a classic story where a family adopts what they believe to be an adorable St. Bernard dog. The father of the family, George Newton, is unsure about the dog and decides he wants nothing to do with it. Their veterinarian, Dr. Warnick tricks George into handing over Beethoven to him.

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The ploy worked, but George quickly realized his feelings for Beethoven. This realization made George Dr. Warnick becomes a hero by rescuing captured animals. The film closes on an endearingly happy note as the family bids goodnight to Beethoven and the group of dogs they rescue.

7/10 Balto is a heart-wrenching adventure, but it’s not all bad

Balto sitting in the snow with puppy dog ​​eyes.

The film Balto was based on a true story, and the film did not disappoint. The film has certainly given its own spin to the story. An infectious and deadly disease is spreading in Nome, Alaska. To make matters worse, the village is out of all medicine. A team of dogs kills a nearby town in an attempt to retrieve the drug.

When the first team does not return, the second team, which is in Balto, sets out on their rescue mission. On the way back, Balto is the lead and he proves himself by successfully bringing home the medicine. Balto and the sled team are considered heroes and loved by the entire village.

6/10 Cats and Dogs is an animal detective flick

Cats and dogs

Cat owners believe that most cats are conspiring against humans. in the film Cats and dogs, cats are plotting against humans and trying to take over the world. Thankfully dogs, man’s best friends, spring into action to prevent cats from taking over.

People know that there is a secret war going on between cats and dogs in their neighborhood. Cats and dogs Ends in a happy but suspenseful ending. The dog army has successfully taken care of the villainous cat leader. The happy ending left the audience with laughter and smiles.

5/10 Finding Nemo is the gold standard of sad animal movies

Marlin and Nemo holding wings and smiling at each other.

Finding Nemo Tragically, Marlin loses his son to a scuba diver. Nemo is then taken to the dentist’s office, where he is exhibited with other sea creatures. Marlin soon sets out on an adventure to save Nemo. Marilyn will stop at nothing until her son is home safely.

Marlin traverses the mysterious wonders of the ocean to save Nemo. Along the way, he meets some helpful friends who point him in the right direction. The movie ends on a happy note as Marlin is able to find Nemo and bring him back home.

4/10 Mr. Popper’s Penguins is more than hanging out with Jim Carrey penguins

Mr. Poppers Penguins

Tom Popper was a rather unhappy businessman who spent little time with his family. When he receives a surprising gift from his own father, the life he once led begins to change. Tom Popper is gifted with six penguins. His original plan was to give the penguins to a zoo, but after his children fell in love with the penguins, Tom Popper had a change of heart.

Tom brings his family together and sets out on an adventure to save the penguins. Once the rescue is complete, they return the penguins home to Antarctica. Not only are the penguins reunited with their families, but Tom Popper was able to reunite with his family, creating a pretty happy ending.

3/10 Happy Feet is an ecologically minded adventure


happy feet It is the most family friendly movie as it is full of comedy and music. The movie teaches some lessons as it leads the audience to its happy ending. Happy Feet ends on a happy note, full of singing and dancing.

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Mumble becomes a hero and is eventually accepted by his own colony. Not only is he considered a hero, but he successfully teaches his colony to dance and restores their fish supply. Gloria and Mumble find love and become friends forever. Their wedding brings all the penguins together at the end to celebrate.

2/10 Dr. Dolittle speaks with animals and hearts

Eddie Murphy Dr.  Standing in front of a tiger as Dolittle.

Dr. Dolittle is taken to the next level when he discovers that he has the ability to speak with animals. This new ability Dr. Creates some major problems for Dolittle. His colleagues began to suspect he was going crazy, and were in the process of buying their clinic.

The events of the movie lead the audience towards a happy ending. Dr. Dolittle acknowledges his gift for speaking with animals and refuses to sell the clinic. He takes time to reconnect with his family, creating a deep bond with his daughter. Dr. Doolittle also keeps a dog, and his daughter’s goose feet make an alligator.

1/10 Lady and the Tramp is a Disney classic

Lady and the Tramp sit down for dinner, sharing a plate of meatballs and spaghetti.

The Lady and the Tramp A tale of two dogs follows. Lady lives a rather pampered lifestyle with her owners. Tramps, on the other hand, have made the streets their home. Lady’s life of luxury soon gets away from her after she gives birth to her master’s child, and she soon finds herself lost on the streets.

The Tramp comes along and turns into the Lady’s savior. He introduces her to a life of free will and adventure, something she has never experienced before. The Lady and the Tramp Ends on a happy note as the Lady finds her way back home, now accompanied by the Tramp, who is welcomed into their family.

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