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It’s not uncommon for an actor to hate their character after being cast for a role. It is normal for an actor to hate the character he played later in life. An actor’s hatred of a previous role can be so deep that they never watch the film again.

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Often there are other factors at play that lead an actor to hate the character they are cast in. The writing or production team should work together, not the character themselves.

10/10 Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen

Twilight (2008)

Robert Pattinson didn’t surprise fans when he admitted he hated his role as Edward Cullen. the twilight movies. The role helped make him better known as an actor and catapulted him to stardom, but that wasn’t enough for Robert. His hatred of Edward Cullen almost got the actor fired from the first film.

Robert Pattinson played Edward Cullen when he was 21 years old. At that age, Robert felt he should try and make the film a little artier. Robert’s effort the twilight Artsier told the film’s creators that Edward Cullen’s portrayal was “too emo” for their liking.

9/10 Halle Berry as Catwoman

Catwoman (2004)


Halle Berry is best known for her infamous role as Catwoman. After the release of Catwoman in 2004, the film was an instant flop. Even though Halle Berry gave her all, she couldn’t help but feel guilty about the end result of the film.

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He received harsh criticism from fans and film critics alike. Halle Berry knew there were problems with the product, but there was nothing she could do about it. Catwoman received a lot of negativity, so Halle Berry was disappointed with the movie and her role as Catwoman.

8/10 Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars A New Hope (1977)

Obi-Wan Kenobi as an old man in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Star Wars It has become such a successful franchise, that it is hard to believe that an actor hated one of his roles. However, Alec Guinness didn’t just hate the role of Obi-Wan; He despised it. As the movies became popular, he was quickly overwhelmed by the fans’ obsession with the movies.

Alec Guinness was not a fan of science fiction, which he made many people know. He considered the conversation Star Wars The movie will be “fairy tale nonsense”. What is most painful for Guinness is that he spent years building his career in which the success of his role overtook him. Star Wars.

7/10 Tyler Perry as Medea

Pictured is Medea holding a frying pan (Medea's Family Reunion)

It was surprising news when Tyler Perry admitted his distaste for his role as Made. Tyler Perry saw the success of Eddie Murphy and created Medea Nut Professor. However, Tyler Perry never thought Medea would become a $2 billion franchise. Tyler Perry not only hated the character but also hated the process of becoming the character.

At the end of it all, Tyler Perry believed that Medea was too painful to portray. In many interviews, he explained how painful it was to speak loudly, wear a fat suit, and do all the make-up necessary to become a media. The pain made Made’s character less fun to portray than he originally was.

6/10 Brad Pitt as Achilles

Troy (2004)

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt dropped another movie that left him with no choice but to accept the role Troy. He described the film and his character, Achilles, as rather painful in interviews. In retrospect, only the faults in his performance are apparent.

While his performance as Achilles Troy Regarded by audiences as one of his best, Brad Pitt had to disagree. He was not excited to come in Troy, so he saw his performance as low and mediocre. There was no depth to his character, and the film wasn’t told in a way that Brad Pitt would agree with.

5/10 Michelle Pfeiffer as Stephanie

Greece 2 (1982)

Greece 2

Michelle Pfeiffer didn’t just hate her role Greece 2 But couldn’t believe how awful the finished product was. She sees acting Greece 2 As an “embarrassing career blip”. Even Michelle Pfeiffer hated being in the spotlight.

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Greece It was a successful movie, so the fans hyped it up Greece 2 Even before the release of the film. In turn, Pfeiffer often found groups of paparazzi waiting for her outside her hotel. To make matters worse, the film flopped upon release. Michelle Pfeiffer hated it Greece 2, And after this flop, he hated the film himself.

4/10 Kate Winslet as Rose

Titanic (1997)


Kate Winslet is famous for her role in Rose Inn Titanic. However, Kate believes it was one of her worst performances. She is unable to see again Titanic Without harshly criticizing her acting. There is one memorable scene that Kate hates so much, because it still haunts her years later.

The portrait scene may be one of the most iconic scenes Titanic. The portrait was real, Kate’s nudity was real, and every aspect of that scene was real, which explains why it haunted the actor for all those years. Fans asking for her autograph on the portrait only adds to Kate’s discomfort with the scene.

3/10 George Clooney as Bruce Wayne / Batman

Batman and Robin (1997)


George Clooney holds nothing back when explaining his disdain for his role Batman and Robin. Not only did he hate the role of Batman, but he hated the movie just as much. The film’s flop only made Clooney hate his character even more.

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Throughout much of the dialogue Batman and Robin was looped, which Clooney attributes to the movie flopping and his poor performance. Despite Batman and Robin Being a Batman movie, George Clooney felt limited, as the movie had no interest in Batman himself.

2/10 Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Fifty Shades of Gray (2015)

Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan felt uncomfortable all around while discussing the film Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie was being criticized even before the shooting started. This only fueled Jamie’s hatred as he was reluctant to play the role of Christian Gray in the first place. Initially, Charlie Hunnam was cast as Mr. Grey, and Jamie was relieved. His relief was short-lived as Charlie left the role, leaving Jamie Dornan to take his place.

It was difficult to play Christian Gray as critics and other audiences often reviled him. Jamie Doran may not have enjoyed his role as Mr. Grey, but he doesn’t regret being part of a franchise that opened up more opportunities in his career.

1/10 Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern

Green Lantern (2011)

Ryan Reynolds accessing the power of the Ring as a Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds never hid the fact that he hated his role as Green Lantern and the movie as a whole. He hated the movie so much that he later called out the bad CGI effects during his performance in Deadpool. Green Lantern is an iconic DC superhero, but the movie flopped after its release.

Ryan Reynolds’ distaste for the film prevented him from seeing the finished product. After nearly a decade he finally decided to take a look Green LanternWhere we posted on Twitter to have more fun with her performance and movie.

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